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Looking for large property/farm...

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at the rescue, we trapped a few feral cats in London and had them spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Due to the recent weather we have not released them.

One of them is very friendly now and will stay with us. The vet has given him only a few months of life left, as he is in renal failure(he gets 100ccs of fluid 2 times a day as well as special food $$). His name is Teddy.
Two of them have tamed quite a bit, I can now pet them and they want to have their ear scritched, but they are still hesitant about humans. But i think they will come around.. so we will keep them and hopefully adopt them out together. (I think they are littermates, they always stick together) These are Carmie and Runt.
But this last one we caught.. he is dowright wild. No way can this cat EVER be tamed. He's got his own big room because the only way we can even catch him again is by trapping him. We called him Jumper because he can jump really high, and he seems to climb the walls.
It isn't fair for this poor guy to be cooped up in this room, he needs to be back outside. BUT, we can't release him where we caught them, due to the fact that it is a heavily traffic area, and people were starting to trap and kill them.
So we have decided that he is best on a farm or something with a barn or shed or garage to sleep in, in the colder weather. We NEVER adopt out cats as barn cats, but he is an acception, and there is no fee for him. He is a great mouser we figure, as that is how he survived before. He's a massive tom, now neutered. But he is BIG. He had been in a few scraps where he was, as one of his eyes have been injured, but healed on it's own. We figure he's a few years old as well.

Anyone in the London (ontario) area with a large property out in the country can contact me through here. Or directly to the rescue.
The adress and # should be on there somewhere.


If anyone knows what else we could do with him, then ideas would be very muchly appreciated. I've never seen a cat as wild as him before, and I have no idea what to do with him.
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I am sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi that you find all your animals a home soon.

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We found a place for him. Out in the country on a horse farm. The people had actually adopted a cat from us before. But it's indoor only.

Jumper will be kept in a tack room with food and water and a litterbox for a week or so then he will be free to roam the barn and surroundings. We are taking him on Tuesday.
They will continue to feed him cat food as well.

Good luck for Jumper, that he stays safe in his new 'home'.
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