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Water Dishes.

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What do you use for a water bowl for your kitties?

We used to use a biiig tupperware bowl because there was 4 cats and a dog drinking out of it and we wanted to make sure there was plenty.
Well, since Cappy's arrival, we have had to use one of those thick, heavy plastic dog food dishes because it's heavy enough that it won't spill over. He would knock every sort of bowl we put out there, and we'd have a huge puddle on the floor.

But this bowl is much smaller than their other bowl, and I find myself refilling it 5+ times a day. One very large dog, a meduim sized dog, and 5 cats now drink out of it, so it goes down fast. Sometimes if I've been gone and come back, it'll be completely dry and I feel bad for the babies.

But so far, that is the only Cappy-proof dish that he can't spill.
I don't know why he likes to spill it, but he does it all the time.
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We have two fountains and a big corningware oven dish (which gets used for for bumper playing & washing his paws than from drinking from )
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We have a huge stainless steel bowl, about 3 smaller bowls and 2 fountains. We fill the stainless steel bowl twice a day (2 large dogs) and top off the rest at least once a day.
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I use a 1 gallon stainless steel bowl for the dog and the cats either drink from it for the kitchen faucet.
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Corelle cereal/soup bowls. (Only one kitty, but water bowls in different rooms.)
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Well I got (from one of those little catalogs they send in the mail) a cute two-bowl cat wire holder with ceramic bowls and a wooden one for the dog. The dog one came with plastic bowls (which were thrown out) - I found that the cereal bowls from Corelle work fine for food/water dishes for the dog's stand

In either cats, the cats can't tip them over, but they can play in them and get water under it - that's why they sit on a towel
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i use a large porcelain bowl. i would use porcelain or stainless steel but never plastic for water. the oils from the plastic leech into the water and not only is it unhealthy but it makes the water taste really bad.
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I have the petmate freshflow, a ceramic bowl, and a stainless steal.
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I only have one cat, so it's easier for me. I use ceramic/porcelain bowls only- one near his food in the kitchen, one in the living room, and one in the bedroom. All three bowls are fairly small, holding around 8 oz each, but I refresh them daily.
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