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Advice Please!

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Hello Everyone! I`m new to this forum and really need some advice. This may be a bit long so I do apologise.
I`ve had my cat two and a half years. He came to me as a stray so I dont know his history. He is about five and is neutered. Goes in and out as he pleases. Bit on the tubby side at 6kg.
When I first started feeding him, he would vomit after nearly every meal. A trip to the vets to get him checked out and they suggested he had a sensitive stomach and prescribed ID, I think thats Hills.
This seemed to sort him out though he would vomit maybe once or twice a fortnight.
Then he got pretty bored of the same old biscuits every day so I started doing white fish for this breakfast then he`d have the ID or Science Plan Sensitive Stomach in the afternoon. Everything went well for over a year.
The monday before last he seemed quite poorly. Didnt come and wake me up as usual, subdued, not interested in fish, kept wanting to go in and out and was yowling like he was in pain.
Got him in to see vet who said he had a raised temp. He was hurting when she felt round his tummy but she said she could feel no blockage and she ruled out bladder problem as he did a big wee in his carrier on the way they.
He was given an injection of anti-inflammitory and anti-biotics and I was given a week of anti-biotic tablets for him.
That evening he was pacing about and passing tiny amounts of liquid poo everywhere. After an hour or so he passed a very small poo in his litter tray and seemed to settle down.
The next morning he was back to his usual self.
For the following week he had his anti-biotics with no problems. He didnt vomit once but was eating like a horse and drinking alot!
As soon as the pills were finished he vomited again. Usually only happens with his breakfast so I replaced the fish with the Science Plan buscuits. He vomited. Tried the next day, same thing.
He finished the pills nearly a week ago and every morning he has vomited his food. Yesterday he was very quiet all day so I got him some prawns that he loves. Not interested but ate them in the evening.
Gave him two cut up this morning and again he vomited. He later had a drink and then vomited that too.
He doesnt seem to be in pain like two weeks ago. Still wants cuddles which he didnt want then and is up on sofa. Before he just stayed down on floor.
Im very worried. I feel like Im making him sick by feeding him!
He gets really stressed out by going to the vet and wees everywhere so I dont want to upset him, but I need to know whats going on with him.
Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Am I being a neurotic cat owner?!
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I would take him back to the vet, it sounds like it could be the food that is making him sick, but I don't know for sure.

Please keep us updated on how he is doing.
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aww dont feel like you're being a crazy cat-lady, theres load of us here and fellas too

Anyway, it sounds to me that he needs to be a on staple diet of the same sort of feed everyday. I know you are trying to encourage him to eat, but it is best to stick to one brand/type. I think the meds will have also caused a little bit of the upset and now it seems he just needs to get back to some sort of routine with his feed.
I cant recommend any particular food as my moggies dont have sensitive tums. Maybe a check on the internet to see whats out there, or maybe one of our other members who has the same sort of problem may recommend something

Oh I do hope it all clears up soon - keep us posted
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It does sound like he needs to settle down to a standard routine with just his own food. And you might try feeding him very small amounts, but a little more often... I know that helps with people.

One of my cats throws up a lot, and when I asked about it here, several people said to try elevating his feeding bowl a couple of inches -- and it really helped! You might try that too. Good luck!
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Yeah, I feel like a crazy cat lady! I dont smell of cat wee tough!

Thanks for your replies. Still a little confused.
He is on the same buiscuits, just that i gave them in the morning and at tea time. Would that upset him? Do you think I should go back to giving him fish in the morning?
I went to the book shop and got a pile of cat books hoping to find some answers and one said just what you say, that its rare but some cats have a problem in their oesophagus and their food should be fed from a raised platform!
Will definatley give it a go.
How long do you think I should wait to see vet if the vomiting continues?

Thanks again, guys! Was starting to imagine allsorts and gettin in a bit of a panic.
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are you not giving him any tinned food at all ?

biscuit do swell and that can cause a cat to throw them up........
and I know this might sound icky but when he's sick - I am assuming its the biscuits - are they still whole or has his system digested them at all ?

Sorry to ask more question, just trying to eliminate things
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I would go back to the vet .... did they draw blood , xrays urine test???
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They just felt his tummy,took temp, listened to his heart and asked questions.

He has no canned meat. He was having Whiskers pouches when he first arrived here and was vomiting within ten minutes of eating. Thats when I took him to the vet the first time. We did try the ID pouches but the same thing happened and he didnt like them much.
But he was so much better on the buscuits and I introduced the fish because he was bored with them and all has gone really well up till now.
When hes sick, be it the buscuits or fish, its always within ten minutes of him eating and just looks mushed up but undigested.
I havent changed the buscuits just that I gave them in the morning as he wasn`t keeping the fish down and he usually has no problem when he has them for his tea.
I dont really understand why he is worse in the morning.
He is asleep on the sofa now and hasnt had anymore food. Usually he`d be telling me he was starving by now
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You could try him with a good quality tinned then......the smell often entices them to eat.........and as suggested just a small amount but more often ?
Maybe its time to ask the vet for some blood work to be done ??
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Yeah, I think Im going to ring or pop into the vets tomorrow and see what they think.
Since he went two weeks ago, I gave him his food in smaller amounts. He was still sick and then insisted he was hungry again!
He still seems subdued this afternoon.
I dont know whether to offer a few buscuits for his tea or just withhold his food.
Thank you all for your help.
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Hi and welcome from a Brit abroad!
I would not withhold food unless you vet tells you to. Make sure he is eating something and keeping it down, as cats can go into liver failure really quickly if they don't eat. The fatter a cat is, the greater the danger. And also ensure he is not dehydrated with all the vomiting - pinch the scruff of his neck and if it stays up more than a second or two he is lacking fluid. I also suggest a return to the vet - there has to be reason behind this change. With going out, could he have picked up a parasite? Ask the vet for blood and fecal exams.
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Welcome to TCS! I'm sorry your kitty is having problems. Sounds like a trip back to the vet is definately needed and some diagnostics would be helpful. I hope you can get some answers quickly!
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Thank you! Glad to be here!

Well I gave him a tiny amount of fish for his breakfast and then he went straight out so Im not sure if he was sick. Will close the flap tomorrow so I can watch him.
He came back and was asking for more so he had same amount again and was fine!
Just got in from work and he was screaming at me for food so gave him his buscuits and he settled back down in the chair. No sick!
I tried to give him a palatable wormer in his food the day after he stopped the anti-biotics as I cant get a pill in him and he didnt eat much and vomited what he did eat.
He is his normal shouty self today so I havent rung the vets.
Do you think the anti-biotics could have altered the balance of things in his gut and that was why he was sick afterwards?
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Sometimes antibiotics will deplete the good flora ... try a probiotic ... here two pet ones are bene bac adn probios
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