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male cat chasing female kitten

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Hi, I am new here. Found this site searching for help...we just had a female kitten adopt us a few days ago. We already had a male who is about 1yr. At first when we braught the new kitten into our home our male cat "Kitty" seem to be afraid of our new baby kitten "puddy". Now they are just the opposite. Kitty chases Puddy and Puddy will cry this terrible cry and flip on her back and try to make him go away. Other times though they will lay together and act as though they get along great. We had been in no real rush to get Kitty clipped because he is an inside cat; we planned to do it but just hadn't yet. Now the soonest we can get him in is 2 wks. Is there a chance he is trying to mate with this 8 wk old kitten? Not sure what to do here. Any help here would be greatly appricated!!!
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Actually he COULD harm the kitten if he wanted to. Unneutered male cats cat be trouble. I am suprised he hasn't started spraying yet, but he might now with a new kitten in his territory. Honestly I would not leave him unsupervised with the kitten. He probably won't try to mate with her, but he may harm her while showing his dominence. By showing dominence he may bite the back of her neck.

That is great you are in Ohio, are you near Cleveland by chance? Or even Akron? I can help you find all sorts of low cost spay and neuter clinics for your male and the baby too. She is old enough to be spayed too.
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If this kitten is a stray, how in the heck do you know she is only 8 weeks old? Females can come into heat as early as 4 months old! And an unneutered male in your house is not a good idea.

I too, am surprised he's not spraying. He's a year old - quite capable of breeding any cat. They don't have to be in heat to get pregnant either. If he's been mounting her, there could be a chance he's completing the act. And it may cause him to start spraying in your house.

Keep them separated - get him neutered, get her spayed. A neutered male can get a cat pregnant within the first 30 days or so after being neutered, so you can't just bring him back home and turn him loose. He'll still think he's a tom cat.
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I am in Sidney. We have never had cats before and I am not real knowlegeable in this area.
We are going to try to get him into a different vet to get him fixed.
They seem to get along ok then out of no were he will run after her and she will start hissing and crying; she will lay on her back and kick at him.
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We are not sure how old Kitty or Puddy really are; we are guessing. Kitty came here to our house one day around Aug. He was durty and looked like he was starving. We felt bad and took him in. We took him to the vet right away to get shots and check up. Vet said he was about 2 months old then. He has always acted more like a dog than a cat. I dont know a lot about cats; I assumed as long as he never went out there was no real hurry to get him fixed. We were just going to do it because it is the right thing to do. Now that Puddy has showed up we are in a hurry. She is very small; I am just guessing by her size about 8 wks.
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Well it isn't just that he is an indoor cat, an unneutered male cat can become aggressive, fight with other cats if he did happen to get out or even rip through screens to get to intact roaming females. Also, neutering and spaying before a cat matures or goes into heat, greatly reduces their risk of cancer when they are older. So it really is important to get it done as early as possible.

I am so glad you came to this site for help. We love helping new cat owners! So first off on the list of thigs to do is to schedule an appointment for both your cats to be altered ASAP. In the meantime, seperate the male from the female. Being 8 weeks old only, or whatever age she may be, she shouldn't be allowed near your cat until she has been tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS. Secondly a cat that young is like a young child, she should not have full run of the house when you are not around. And limited time when you are around and that is when you should be playing with her.

Check here they might be able to help or direct you to a clinic closer to you:
Dayton, OH
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Thank you so-o very much. I just spoke to my husband and told him what you all had said. He is going out in the freezing ran right now that we are getting to go get another litter box and set her up down stairs with my two oldest boys.
I just thought have a cat was a no brainer but this is about as difficult as raising our boys!
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