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as much as I'd want to-and oh boy, I'd want to. for 8 million dollars, for a cat? seriously? I'm being honest here, even though this is a cat board. I would really want to take the money. But in the end... I couldn't. I couldn't give him up to an unknown fate. I know the question is "if you knew he was going to a good home", but what if, god forbid, there was a fire and his owners died? where would he go then? also.. he's my baby. he's like my child. he's my responsibility, and I love him. I wouldn't sell my best friend or my boyfriend or my mom, and I wouldn't sell my cat, either. I'd miss him terribly, and I'd feel like a loser for the rest of my life. Not even 8 million dollars is worth that.
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But if that money was setting in front of you for real, I think many of you would be jumping at it.
honestly, I wouldn't. my pets are more than just pets, they are my life and my family and my friends. I would just tell them to donate the money to a shelter/rescue.
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Obviously, I'd love to have 8 million dollars to help cats (and animals in general) in need.

Regarding my own sweet, crazy kitties, there are times I wake up in the middle of the night with all four of them cuddled with me on the bed and am so overwhelmed with love and gratitude that I think to myself "I have everything." So, who needs millions when you've got that?
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No way!!!!!
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I have been worrying about the prospect of 'maybe' having to part with the boys recently - we have sold our house and will be renting from now on - over here, many landlords won't even consider anyone with cats - it has been breaking my heart wondering what to do.

I wouldn't even consider selling them - not for all the money in the world However, if it came to it and we had to part with them, someone who would adore them, play with them, and treat them as I do would get them every time over the person flashing the cash. No contest.
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no way.

its hard enough to let the little babes i raise go at 12 weeks go. but my permenat household residence..like Dutchy,Loki, Jellie, Bellie..ect ect..NO..way
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Nope nope nope nope.. Would never ever see her, not for any amount!
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