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Charisma Had A ?? Attack!

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Well today we brought Charisma in the house she stays outside we haven't put her in the Enclosure much because Troy was still building it. But we did as soon as it was done and she was a little nuts about it at first but calmed down. Today we brought her in the house she is UTD on all shots, healthy and was spayed about 2-3 months ago when she was old enough. We only had her in say 5mins and she went BIZZARE! She started hissing and running around. Well she hid behind the couch and i moved the couch to catch the terd. I raised this cat from 5wks i saved her life and she's NEVER been like this. She was in the house the first month i owned her so i could get her healthy. I caught her but she tried clawing the heck out of me i had a sweater on and she tore it. So i calmed her down by holding her by the back of neck like her mother. Well after about 5mins she was fine just very wore out so i gave her some water. No more than 3mins later she was doing it AGAIN! Then all of a sudden she like pass's out so we rushed her to the ER Vet Clinic. The vet said she just got so worked up she fainted and that she would be fine.

I told her what happened and she said it might of been from bringing her in the house? I've never seen her act like this not only was she aggressive she fainted and i thought she died! I was crying for an hr even though she was fine. I put her in back outside in the enclosure but i'm scared something is really wrong with her? All my vet did was give her some fluids and said she was fine. That left me puzzled my kitty just fainted after she attacked me. There is no way she is fine, i'm sorry worried she had a rabbies shot and her mouth wasn't foaming. What else could this be? Did she have a shock attack or some kind of heart attack. She's just so young and understand what could of triggered it. I brought her in the house a few days ago for 3 days because it was below 0 and it was like Alaska out there. She was 100% fine played with the little kittens and Cookie with no problem. I only had Cookie and Dayton out when she came in the house i just don't understand this at all. Has anybody ever exp this with a cat? What happened?
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How frightening for you! I am sorry that this happened to Charisma - if you don't feel that the vet did enough, can you go to another vet or if it was the emergency vet, you could go to the regular one and get a second opinion.

Trust your instincts - I would.
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She's my regular vet but she also takes ER Emergency's. I think i will do that i like my vet she's supportive but i know that somethings wrong. I hate leaving her alone over night but i'm scared if i bring her back in she will do it again. Because i don't think any other vet clinic is open after 6pm-6:30pm and its almost 7pm now . I'm really scared i don't want to loose her.
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Yeah, thats a good idea to get a second opinion. I hope everything is okay. Keep us updated on how she is.
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I will for sure she is doing a lot better i found our old heated water bowl and filled it up for her. She is drinking a lot i hope thats a good sign, i think its from that shot she gave her. **rollseyes**
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I am sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for you and for your kitty, I do hope that she gets to feeling better soon.

Please keep us posted on how she is doing.
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Thanks i'm taking her to see a new vet tommorrow. I heard he's good so we will see as for now i just have to wait it off. I can't even think about sleeping, Troy said she should be fine but he's a guy they always say that. (
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How frightening that must have been. Poor Charisma. I hope you can find out what caused the problem and that Charisma is feeling better.
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Poor Charisma. She is probably as frightened as you are. I hope both of you are ok.
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Oh that poor little thing.
No wonder you were scared, God knows I've have been scared to death too.

I agree, follow your heart if you think there's something else going on with her then by all means take her to a different Vet.

Please let us know what the new Vet says.
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Four years ago, one of my students was stung by a bee. She was very upset of it and passed out. She came around in less than a minute, but then passed out again. I called 911 because I was worried that she might have a heart condition that we were not aware of. They did a complete work up and she was fine.
Just this past week, she was in the lunchline and passed out again. This time we think it might be that she was not drinking enough water and was a bit dry.

The point? A strong emotion such as fear can cause a massive release of hormones (such as epinehrine) and cause a person/animal to pass out. It doesn't mean your cat is ill.
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That was a person though i have much reason to belive otherwise in a cat. I'm not going to take the chance so tommorrow morning as soon as the vet opens i'm taking her in i already made a house call to the guy. He asked for the syptoms and they said she might of had a panic attack. But it raises there blood pressure a lot and she's so young he said it could strain her heart and thats not good. So were bringing her in tommorrow and if there's any signs of a stressed heart he wants to do some blood work. I also don't know anything about her parents health or anything she was a stray. So he said one of her parents could of had a virus or anything and i stressed her and it triggered it. I'm not just really worried now but he said just keep fluids in her until tommorrow. I pray to god its nothing serious she's so young and outgoing.
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That is a good start that this vet is willing to take blood and had time for you. for you and Charisma.
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Yeah i know. I checked on her and she was crying so i put a few blankets out there and a dogg bed (haha) for her to lay on and she fell asleep. I just hope she will be ok , i really wanted to keep her inside but i can't if she keeps going in to episodes like that.
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Originally Posted by KittyPaws View Post
Yeah i know. I checked on her and she was crying so i put a few blankets out there and a dogg bed (haha) for her to lay on and she fell asleep. I just hope she will be ok , i really wanted to keep her inside but i can't if she keeps going in to episodes like that.

Just wait until the vets sees her and see if he can figure out what is wrong with her, it coulda just freaked her out coming inside.
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I wish that and then i don't . I'm just worried, i mean she's use to being inside from time to time. She mainly likes staying out but she's never freaked out like that before.
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