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R.I.P little black kittie

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My mom just told me today that there was a kittie found in my grandmas apartment building in a crawl space, they think it must have crawled there when it was cold outside but it still froze to death they believe they found this little black kittie because the water pipes had exploded. There are so many strays up by where my grandma lives and well we told the lady that we got blue and tessa from because shes a private rescuer and she has gotten a majority of her cats from there, but people keep stealing the traps I am so upset that this little kittie wasnt lucky enough to get found and have such a great life...I hope u are playing happily over the rainbow bridge now !

R.I.P Little Black Kittie
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Test in Peace little black baby
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I am so sorry for you little black kitty, now you will never be cold or hungry again.

Have a good time at the bridge playing with all your new friends.

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Rest in peace, sweet little kitty.
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oh my, how sad

RIP Sweet Black Kitty
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How terribly sad..Play happily at RB sweet black one.
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Aw - poor ittle soul! Rest peacefully, little black kittie, and play happily over the bridge where you're safe and warm!
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That poor sweet baby! RIP precious one.
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Oh that poor little baby. I'm so sorry that nobody was there to take care of you, little one. Play happily over the bridge and know that you are loved.
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precious one curl up by the warm fireplace over the bridge.
Never shall you be cold again.
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Poor little kitty. Why do people steal the traps?
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Awwww... Poor little kitty. They deserve so much more in life...
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Rest in peace little sweet black kittie. You will no only happiness now at the beautiful rainbow bridge.
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RIP little angel
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