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i used to have 3 cats but a year ago one passed away due to illness.
we miss him loads but our only female cat ( of whom at one point carried his litter until she lost it after damaging her hip, is nasty towards our other male cat. they used to get on but she always followed him around and the loner he is never liked her constant bottom sniffing!!! anyway in his old age he's more timid and doesn't stand up for himself at all, shes only a year younger but she always has to whack him if he walks by or he whacks her,
why is she bullying him??
how do i get them to be chums again??
i know they love each other because they've been together since kits now they're teens!!!
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Hi quoeezer
Have no fear, they will work it out in their own time.
In the mean time you might try ,joint play time with them, joint grooming and treats.
Make sure they both get the same amount of attention from you, and try not to over react.
Easier said at times I know...
Our Roxane is the house bully, but she is a redhead so that explains it all, according to Greybeard LOL.
Best of luck , and try not to let it worry you too much.

Tish +
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Do you think that it's a sort of attack? Sometimes they do this just to get each other to pay attention. I wouldnt get concerned unless they start chasing each other out of the room,growling and hissing begin, or one hides from the other.
If you really think they do this out of aggrivation, you could try making them smell the same by putting some baby powder on them, and giving them treats together.
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they do hiss!!!! and he hides from her!!!
thanks though
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