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Green tea toxic?

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My Timine has started to have diarrhea, and I was wondering if it could be armful to give him green tea to drink. I read in a natural book that green tea containts substances that helps to control this problem, and I tried it myself before with amazing result...but for cats?

I think was is bad for them in Coffee and regular tea is the cafeine...green tea has much less....so I don't know....

He refuses to eat rice and beef. I gave him bottled water just in case. It's not extremely serious, since he only goes once a day, and there is no blood, it's just pasty and stinky....*sigh* I thought I was done with this problem.
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You should call the er vet ... but I use a oriental medicine chart to feed two of my girls and my vet said green tea was fine ...
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Please take Timine to the vet. Please don't give your cat any herbal remedy if you are not sure - I wouldn't.
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Have you tried putting him on pedialyte? I've heard some people on these forums that have used that. Maybe someone else can expound on that for you because I have no idea how they used it! But really, the cat needs to be seen. You don't want him to get dehydrated.
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Thank you!
Of course, I would be the first to rush him to the vet if he worried me...but it was only once a day, and he drinks a lot. I even pinched the skin of his neck to make sure he isn't dehydrated.
He's okay now...it must have been the tap water.....but I'll still continue looking around to be 100% sure that green tea would be okay next time.
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