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More good news on my SIL!!!!

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She is off the antibiotics -that was causing the fever-she had no infection!!!
The insurance co wanted moved to rehab center/nursing home yesterday afternoon but one of her daughter's talked the doc's into keeping her in the hospital until monday. They are hoping she still can get in he same place.
They nurses put her in the chair today where she seems more alert. She seemed to have a headache though (I would too if I was missing part of the bone of my skull) My niece said she actually spoke a few words yesterday during PT and speech therapy!!
She seemed warm and bored today-she picked on Neil (her brother) by scratching his back. I asked her to write something-what did she write...
"write something"" what a sense of humor.
Still a long way to go but the recovery phase will begin in ernest now!!
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Oh thats great!! I am glad she is recovering and doing better
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I'm so happy to hear that she is doing better. Vibes that her recovery continues well! }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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That's great! Good vibes for more improvement!
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I am glad that she is doing so good, I will continue to send hugs and prayers for her and her family from Mississippi.

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Gail - that is wonderful news! I am so glad to hear this!
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That is really good news
Is her husband managing to get some sleep now she is improving?
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Sending vibes for continued improvement!
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fabulous news! I am so glad that she is doing so well
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That's so great! "write something"...I'm glad she's got her sense of humor back!
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That is such wonderful news!!!! I had been keeping her in my prayers I am soo glad to hear she's improved
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Such wonderful positive news, and hopefully things continue to be positive for her and the family. Vibes going down to them still. And may the recovery continue and progress quickly. Having a sense of humour come back can be a positive sign.
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That is great news. Sending more vibes for continued improvement. And if she has her sense of humor, I know she will get better.
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Wonderful news!
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