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Have you ever been...

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To a Pharmacy that accused and harrassed you of messing up a prescription when it was their freaking fault in the first place?? My mom called in a refill and get this, they gave her a generic on her refill and the refill before that they gave her a completely different prescription!!! She has been on this medication for years...she NEVER gets the generic. I mean are these people just stupid or do they want to kill someone??
So we went back to have them fix it and the guy in charge is completely rude and a total and is all defensive because they messed up!! They never even apologized! Then they didn't even have the prescription ready of the one they screwed up and transferred it to the wrong place! How stupid can you get?? Oh, get this, then he had the nerve to insult us by trying to speak in german!! Like we are stupid and don't understand english?? My mom's english is better than his will ever be! I was about ready to punch this guy's lights out and I told him I didn't appreciate his rudeness and accusing us of their mess up. I also told him I was filing a complaint against them and that I'm tired of their screw ups and telling anyone I know to never take their prescriptions here...

How can a chain stay in business with so many screw ups and such unprofessionalism?? This was our grocery chain pharmacy and I will be glad to not to have to go back because they can't get their act together and learn to read. How would you feel if that happened at your local pharmacy???
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Has she complained to the grocery store manager?
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Not the grocery store manager, but the manager at the pharmacy. He was so rude!
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