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What's wrong with bidders on Ebay?

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I need a bit of advice on how to handle this. Hubby just sold a bunch of stuff on Ebay. In one auction in particular he clearly states "I only ship to the US." Some guy from Singapore snipes in the winning bid with minutes to go on the auction, not enough time to hubby to refuse the bid.

So what do we do? It will cost an arm and a leg to ship (even though he would have to pay for it), be a real pain with customs and all that, and it was clearly stated he didn't ship outside the US. At the same time, we don't want negative feedback for not honoring his bid, even though he apparently can't read.
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I would email the guy and explain the cost of shipping. If he is still willing to pay the cost. I would send it.
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Sending overseas is not a big deal, other than the higher cost of shipping. I would honor the bid, and let him absorb any extra costs.
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On the odd occassion when someone is selling something and has the 'ship only to the USA' or where-ever, and I am outside that area or country, then if I'm still interested, I will ask the seller first if they object, or if they could arrange things and I'd pay for the shipping and a little extra for the trouble. In all my ebaying time, I've only had one seller say no, and I must have asked sellers this at least 15 times. I would never dream of bidding on something with the 'only ship to...' thing, without consulting the seller. Fair's fair, afterall.

As it has already been said, I know it's a hassle, but, I think you should email the guy, and tell him the extra costs, and let him say yes or no to completeing the deal. Some people just don't read the full screen before they bid. It could have been a geniune mistake, in theory.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Hubby sent the guy the estimated cost of shipping, which is 2 1/2 times the amount of the bid. It's just really annoying that these people don't read the auctions they bid on. He actually had two end that way, with people overseas winning the auction when he said he would only ship to the US. I'm starting to realize why there are so many b!tchy sellers on there anymore.

Sonia, there have been people who have emailed him from other countries, and generally it isn't a problem at all. In this batch we are shipping to Australia and Germany, and have shipped to other countries as well. When it is asked in advance, and he can give them cost estimates beforehand, it isn't a problem.
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I always read the whole thing before I even place a bid....I find out if they will ship to the USA, and what the shipping costs would be, and I check the sellers feedback and terms of payment. ( I prefer to pay by paypal, less hassel) but some auctions won't accept paypal, or bids from the USA, so I just don't bid on those, no matter how much I might want to, or else I e-mail the seller and ask them first if they could make an exception. I think it was extremely rude of this guy not to e-mail you first and ask if it was alright.
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I would contact the second highest bidder, and ask if they are interested in purchasing the item. When we have done this, we sometimes can get that person to pay something between their last bid, and the highest winning bid. Then, if you know you have a buyer, contact that high bidder and cancel the sale. Tell them that they were not "eligible" to bid on the item. The rules were written in the item description, and also I assume in the text that ebay adds when you check off the boxes "will ship to......" Then ask ebay for a revision in the selling fee - the commission charged. Their rules say that if the first bidder drops out, they will give you that refund. Good luck - if all else fails, cancel the sale and ask ebay to let you list it again with no relisting fee.
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Hey Heidi Mate what you selling??? I'll go check it out! even though I am in Australia I will find out first about the shipping if I like something I promise :-)
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I had our 600g aquarium up on Ebay last week. This one person kept emailing me & bugging me. I finally wrote him back & said to quit "harassing" me. He told me I was acting like a child, etc. Finally, I blocked his emails because I was tired of him asking me the same old thing.
At first we had it for local pickup only, because how heavy everything weighed. Then, after so many emails, we put it up for a shipping option. Of course, we stated clearly what our terms were. Do you know how many emails I got from people asking how much, etc it would cost ot ship!? I clearly stated that the winning bidder was responsible for everything regarding shipping. Anyways, the thing never sold. We are waiting then in a few weeks we will put it up again.
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I wish hubby would have just listened to me, but he didn't. I would have just offered it to the 2nd place person, especially since it was 50 cents difference from the high bid. But, he didn't, he got estimates and emailed the high bidder in Singapore that it would cost $25 to ship the $10 stupid Pamela Anderson hot-wheels type car. The guy writes back all irritated and close to rude saying that shipping was too high. (Hubby had only called UPS, FedEx, and USPS and gave him the cheapest quote.) This is going to turn into a fiasco, I just have the feeling.

Tigger, it is amazing how much interest there can be in an item and yet they won't bid on it. I would suggest putting what you already said, that buyer is responsible for all charges, and if they email you go to one of the websites (UPS, FedEx or USPS) with their address & zip code to get an estimate.

Leslie, he was selling Star Wars collectibles and a couple other odds and ends toy collectibles. I don't think he has anything up right now, though.
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Hey, my hubby is selling Star Wars collectibles, too! Now, he clearly stated that there is NO shipping, that it is a local pickup only, but he still got an email asking why he was not shipping. This person also bid, too Talk about morons.........
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I would send him an email and tell him to read the post again...ship to US only. Find out what the additional shipping costs are and tell him if he wants to pay the difference...you will ship the item. If not...don't send it. You can not be held to a sale that does not conform to the condtitions of sale.

BTW...what a jerk he is!!!!!
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