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Silver chronicles, bengal kittens growing up

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Day 5

All 3 are boys, the dark one is the smallest of the three. Each of them has tarnish down their backs to varying degrees. I'm not thrilled about that, I hope it clears up. Still too early to say anything about their patterns, they look ok, but I'm not blown away. They often fool me at this age though.

The mom, Gypsy is so trusting of us, she let me take all 3 of her babies away long enough to take a couple pictures. She didn't even leave her little den. I could hear her purring from the other side of the room.
Maybe she was grateful for a little break.

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Aaawww!!! O.k. Nial I'm on my way! I'll deal with my husband later. To my uneducated eye they look absolutely perfect. What is tarnish?

Thank you for taking the time to take the pics and share.
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Tarnish on a silver is the brownish color - I can see it a little on the necks. Funny but they look like a combo of a classic pattern or a mackeral pattern and not individual spots.

I guess in ocicats that's also the case with the spotted ones - you can't really tell the individual spotting till the kitten coat comes out and the real pattern with close lying fur is shown. That's why it took 3 months before Nancy could make up her mind on the quality. Apparently Charlie had a bit more stripes then he should have to make him pet. But by the time we came to get him those stripes broke into more spots and therefore, she's letting us show him in premier
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They are so lovely! Gypsy preobably really appreciated the break
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Tarnish on a silver is the brownish color - I can see it a little on the necks.
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What lovely babies!
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o my what cuties, see its u guys that keep making me want a bengal, wat can i say ithem Ok new goal, within the next 3 years I will have 2 bengals a silver is now added to my list i cant wait to see these ones get bigger, they are soo tinny and soooo cute

O and Gypsy was probly really thankful for the break and of course she trusts in, your bengals are just soooo stunning
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Beautiful babies, Nial. And they are already PERFECT!
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oh, I'm in love!!! they are so precious now I have to add a Bengal from Meridian to my list of future kitties
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They are just gorgeous! Then again, I wouldn't know a pedigree if one hit me in the face.
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They are sooooo adorable!
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would brown be called tarnish in luxor? or is it rusting?
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They are the dearest little angels - whatever their markings - they certainly look well and very pretty !!
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They are absolutely darling. Yeah, if you um.. need someone to take one of those little darlings off your hands for .. babysitting, yeah, babysitting, that's it.. just let me know, I can be in NC in ... hmm,... 8 hours?
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Oh heck Tarnish and all there sure doll babies I know the tarnish can't be good by the way you said that.. But I don't know much about them, other then there sweet
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Those guys are just gorgeous - who cares about tarnish - yeah, I know you must - but they are just so beautiful. For we, the uneducated - they are perfect. Hopefully, the faults that you see, early on, will disappear as these babies mature. Please post more!
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I think they are really cute. If the faults are really bad and you're looking to give them away I'll take them off your hands.
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awww.............oh my what beautiful silver babies Just perfect to me...........but I know you know what to look for
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How are the babies doing?
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Beautiful babies, thank you for the kitten fix
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
Beautiful babies, thank you for the kitten fix
But we needs more, yes we do!
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More more more!!!! Surely you take heaps and heaps of photos every day??!! I know I do, and mine aren't show cats, or adorable kittens...
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All 3 boys eyes are open now. They are beefy, solid little boogers. Gypsy always has rock solid kittens, and she stays in good shape herself during the nursing. She's a class act as a mom. New pics below.

I'm still pretty disappointed about how the silver boys look so far. Their patterns are coming in better, but I'm not thrilled about the vertical alignment of their spots or the tarnishing down their backs. The tarnishing may go away. They are all very confident sweet boys. No complaining when being removed from momma. I am very happy about the personalities.

We won't repeat this breeding, as I really think there is too much brown influence in the gene pool. Jack is from a silver to brown mating and Gypsy has nearly all browns in her pedigree.

Ms Spotty Paws is due in about 45 days, I think the silvers from that litter will meet the standards much better.

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Aaawww!!!! They are so sweet! Well if they aren't show quality then someone will end up with some precious silver boys for pets. I guess in my case ignorance is bliss, because they still look so totally perfect to me.

I respect your desire to get the perfect kitty. I also enjoy living vicariously through you. I'm really looking forward to your next litter as well. How cool for me (us) to get to share seeing you potentially get that 'close to perfect silver kitty' in your breeding program!!

Thanks for letting us take the ride with you.
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OMG look at those precious babies
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I see what you mean Nial - hard to have to be so critical - but you are striving for the best for your breeding cats or show cats - they all can't be outstanding.

I think its kinda cool with the giant looking spots - but know they are not supposed to be in a pattern....lol And yes seems the one is getting more tarnish.

Do agree that someone will wind up with great silver pets. Too much brown with silver probably causes that tarnish

Have you decided yet about the April/May ACFA shows in Minnesota?
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There should be a warning on this thread, "Hard to resist cuteness of Silver Bengal babies".

I know it can be hard putting 2 cats together hoping to get something right, and the babies not turn out show quality, it can be frustrating, but a part of being a breeder, these things happen. They are all still beautiful pets, and hopefully as they grow, the flaws you see happening at this time, may still have time to change.

I really look forward to watching these babies grow more, with the peepers open now, they are so cute. Just tell us, they all have homes, and I will keep repeating that to myself to stay out of trouble.

Hugs and Belly rubs!
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Yeah, they're absolutely adorable. If we weren't already adding two more to our crew, which will be a total of six... I'd consider it, lol. They're precious!
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They are too cute!!!! Can we see pics of the rest of the litter as well? I just love their little faces

Also, would you be able to put a pic up that shows the tarnish, and a pic of a kitten at a similar age who doesn't show tarnish if at all possible?

I don't really know what the tarnish is - they're just super cute to me!
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The tarnish is the slight browning you can see on the back of the kittens necks - It is more definate in one of the kittens.

Hope Miss Spotty Paws gives you the best silver kittens you could hope for!
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