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Okay, I'm reading this brief explanation and see

This is the place to relax and get to know each other. You can tell us about you and your cats, but you can also talk about anything else you like.

So I want to ask you something not related to cats this time

I'm Israeli & US Citizen, I have a family in both countries. I'm working as a webmaster right now, and I got by mail (my US mail) a lot of Forms 1099. I sent them to my accountant so I will send the estimated tax earnings to the IRS, I'm reporting myself as SE (=Self Employed).

Now, I don't know much in this stuff, and besides my accountant I don't have any other person to ask him my questions. I'm only 21 years old besides of it, and I know nothing about taxes.

I wonder if I need to report all of my earnings to the IRS because I'm having actually a lot of expanses on the website such as hosting, cashback, etc, and I'm also not working alone, and yet everything is registered on my name only :\\

In addition, do I need to report the taxes to Israel as well? or perhaps it's none of their business?

If someone here is a specialist in those issues I be more than happy to discuss on it with him, but since I see here lots of adults () I appreciate if you share from your own experience too.

Hope this issue is relevant somehow to this forum, if not feel free to take it off, I don't like to bother you with my own private issues, just trying to get some info here

Thanks in advance,

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I can't help you with any of your questions, we have an accountant who does our taxes.

Good luck though finding the answers to your questions, You might need to consult a CPA to find out your answers.
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The site owner Anne (that is her username) lives in Israel. You might try sending her a PM to see if she can answer your tax questions regarding Israel.
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My husband is a CPA here in the US I can ask him. I am self employed though and can deduct all my business expenses. You are not a sole proprietor though?? You have your business set up as a partnership or LLC??? My husband has our farm set up as an LLC as files tax form both for the feds and the state. He said to ask your accountant about schedule "C's".
Hope this helps.
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