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All mine can, we have child locks on the kitchen and bathroom cupboards.
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They do but not often. They end up locked inside because their meowmy does not check the inside of open cupboards before closing them.
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Most of the time mine do, although sometimes they do have a little bit of trouble and bella likes to usually try it with the wrong paw I always have to tell her "Bella use ur other paw" but Tessa is always getting into something, wat can I say everyone really is
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A picture is worth a thousand words.

She can get into all of them unless they are the ones that "stick". We don't get them fixed because that where we put the things that she doesn't need to get into, like cleaning products, etc...
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Stanley has just noticed that if he stands on the garbage can he can get to the cabinet with the food in it (there are child proof latches on the bottom cabs, this one is 4ft off the ground).

Luckily for me, I think he'll have a heck of a time trying to use the can opener.
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Yes, they can!!!

They can open windows too!!! That's why the house in only now fully netted up!!!!
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Dusty can open them, but she prefers to play with them. Ours have those spring hinges, and she puts her paw underneath the door and opens it part way and lets go so it will slam shut. She just enjoys making the noise, and she usually does it during the night for entertainment, and to annoy her sleeping humans!
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The little heathens will also get into an alread open cupboard and knock all the cans over in an effort to get me to wake up and feed them!!!

Pookie & the girls
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I only have seen them open the cupboard where their food and treats are stored. That being said, I 'm sure they can open them all, but do not prefer to do so!
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
The little heathens will also get into an alread open cupboard and knock all the cans over in an effort to get me to wake up and feed them!!!

Pookie & the girls
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I've only ever seen harriet open one cabinet: The bathroom under the sink cabinet.

I have NO idea why she opens that one. I think when she's "supervising" me in the bathroom she gets bored and opens it to see what's in it. Nothing,

she's such an odd kitty.
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Scratch tries to open the fridge but is never successful. Squee is always trying to open the cupboard with the dry food in it but it's locked, don't tell her! Scratch can open closed doors and is teaching her little sister to do the same!
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Right after reading this post last night, I went into my kitchen, and there was FLuffy, lying on the second shelf of my cabinet, using a loaf of bread for a pillow, after she hd grown tired of biting holes in the bag. There was one small plate balanced precariously where her majesty had moved it so she coul lay down.
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Yes! My Mollie opens all the cabinet doors and regularly goes in and out - so if I am in the living room, I hear Bump, bump...if she decides to "go exploring and sniffing" in the cabinets, it may be a while before she comes out!
Sophie distains such antics!
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You mean like this?

Scotty is the cabinet bandit. He usually only does it when we're sleeping in and we've left the master bathroom door open. Silly us! How could we forget! He does things like that and scratching on furniture to get our attention. Rarely because he just wants to.

Anyway, I shot that video at my old apartment and wanted to make it a little cooler but adding some appropriate music. Enjoy!
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LuckyGirl can open cupboards....even with baby locks on them. I have caught her doing just that.... I have resigned to just letting her be happy and sleep in my wok. No more chinese cooking for me! That's the only thing she wants in my cabinets, to sleep in my wok.
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Not since I put the bag of litter in front of the doors Try moving that Radar!
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Radar only started to learn how to do this recently- we have to keep something heavy against the door to the cupboard under the sink as he likes to go in there and play with the plastic bags
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Yup, Baylee's a pro at it. Except we just moved so she has to figure it out all over again... I give her a day.
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Alley's favorite spot was to curl up under the bathroom sink cabinet. Whenever she would get mad at me, she'd walk in the bathroom and I'd hear the bathroom cabinet door slam behind her
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