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how common is this scene?

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feral cats living and eating side by side with coons? anyone else have a situation like this ?
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I have never seen it but I have heard of it.

We have a small amount of strays/ferals that a guy feeds next to our building. His company is actually across the parking lot from ours but a guy I work with said that when he came to work the other morning that he must have just fed the cats because there were about 15 cans of food next to his car and all the cats were around and eating but there was also a raccoon eating out of a can of food and he was surprised.

I said it did not surprise me, Racoons love fish too
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Another heard of it not seen it first hand
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That's pretty amazing. In my feral colony, I've seen cats side by side with possums but the coons would drive off the cats.

Thanks for sharing - I would not have thought it possible.
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Wow, how cute! Not only the kitties, but the raccoons! (I love raccoons.)

I've never heard of this, but wonder if this, in earlier times in this country, fostered the belief that Maine Coons could be related to raccoons--I know this is because of the tails; but I wonder if people had seen long-haired cats feeding in the wild with raccoons? Just a thought.

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wow, never seen or really heard about that, they all look pretty relaxed with each other !!!
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My grandmother was a wildlife rescuer so I normally had a baby racoon as a pet when I was growing up in fact I didn't get a cat until i was 9 and a dog when I was 10. The cat and the racoon pups got along very well and racoons love catfood, but only as a treat. they mostly got fruit and sunfish we caught in the nearby lake.

how readneck do I sound today?
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I wouldnt put anything past a racoon!
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What brilliant photos!!!! They look so comfortable in each others' company! I particularly love the pic with all the black and white kitties in it - it brilliant!!
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