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Daddy's girl!
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Fab pictures Ady! I love the second one with the aloof cat sat in the background looking like it's saying 'None of that cuddling nonsense for me'!!
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Great pics Ady!!!
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Originally posted by Yola
Fab pictures Ady! I love the second one with the aloof cat sat in the background looking like it's saying 'None of that cuddling nonsense for me'!!
Yola - that cat in the background - Excalibur - is our snuggliest cat!

Hubby hated having his pic taken, but he was pinned down at the time, so he couldn't stop me.
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WOW what a gorgeous pic that is.
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Kass! That s a great pic! Of course the kitty posed for that 1.
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I have a few of Kirt and my putties.
He used to hate them, but now he adores them (ahhh the power of cats, and the womens will to NOT give them up.) lol.

These are all about 1-3 years old now.

Kirt & Asim

Kirt & Isha!

Kirt & Asim's sweater!

Geeee, they all looked so much younger *sniff*
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Nice pics, gotta love the way the cats playing on the Playstation
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Spike, I love the second pic. The family that naps together....well, something like that!

Ady what is it about black and white girl kitties and their Daddies? Ophelia is BIG TIME Daddy's Girl, just like Sugarly. Yes, they have their bonding sessions, too.

Kassandra that is a great pic. (S/O is a hottie too! :tounge2: ) Of course Nakita posed for the picture. She knows how pretty she is! LOL

Angel, those pics are cute, too! How ever did you get Asim to wear a sweater? Mine would be ripping that thing to shreds to get it off!
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She tied the cats feet together
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valan: my cats love me... for some reason any cat I raise by myself turns out to be one of the most tolerant cats in the world... strange but true lol.

They must just love me that much

And the sweater was even my DOGS sweater, muahahha.
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Ady, Kassandra and Angelzoo, I LOVE the pictures!!!! They are great!!!!
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Isn't it amazing that most of the pics of men and their cats, they are lying down or sleeping. LOL

wooops forgot the pic, its on the next message
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woops here is the pic
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AW that's so cute, I do hope there's no kneading going on, OW :tounge2:
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LOL sometimes there is.

Here is one of my baby boy. (also sleeping)
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Here is one of Darrell and Tigger and Roo in the back yard. Notice the leashes!

p.s. I have now deleted this photo to preserve bandwidth
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wow how did you train them on leashes, I tried but they don't take any notice of them.
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ha ha "train" all I did was attach it to their collars and let them roam. I had to put a harness on Roo(orange) because he hated it when he felt tension of the line and constantly tried to get away. Tigger was much better about it. I just made sure they didn't leave the yard. No way would they let me walk them on it though, they walked me!
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Awww Spike those pics are SOOO cute!! your cats are real beauties
And Tamme, they look pretty "trained" to me!! Great pic!
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Spike those are great pics. I like the one of hubby sleeping and kitty sitting pretty on him.

Tamme, I think someone is well trained in the pic, although I'm not sure if it is the kitties or Darrell. LOL :laughing:
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LOL, ok had mine on the leash today. He just lay flat and would not move. Will have to give it a try again tomorrow.
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it just takes a lot of time to harness train kitties. It took ours about a month... put the harness on for 2-3 hrs/day until they're used to it... only took a week, they didn't mind it at all. Then attach the leash and let them drag it around until they pretty much ignore it(although they still chase each other's leashes) Now they go for walks, you let them lead, go where they want, etc. Once they get used to you walking with them, they'll follow you a bit better.
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Spike and Tamme...GREAT pics!!!!! I got a kick out of Heidi's last comment about it maybe being Darrell who was trained well.. lol

I took another pic of hubby with Merlin laying on him tonight...when I get the film developed I will post it here....I can't wait till I have a digital camera...then I won't have to wait!
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Myste is right, that's the same way I trained all of my cats walked on a leash. Word of warning though, it could take them several minutes before they decide to walk out through the front door, the exploring can be a LONG boring process until they learn to enjoy their time outside.
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I can't believe all these kittydaddy men are the same men that say, "Oh well, yeah, the cat's okay, I guess. I just feed it and clean up it's hair. I don't know why it likes to sit on me. I'm not all that attached to it." And here they all are, looking so loving and caring towards their furbabies and I bet they'd kick up a stink if you even mentioned giving a cat away, despite what they say!

Wonderful pictures! Thankyou so much for sharing them.
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My two sleeping "babies"
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Here's the same cat when she was little with her proud new "daddy"
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Oh wow! What a cute little peanut! The kitten's not bad either.
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I got some newer ones of Kirt and Asim today, our fav kitty. Sense the other ones were so old.
Everybody enjoys a good slouch.

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