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Well here is my family (minus me!)
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Lovely family Big Kat!
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Great picture!
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Yeah, that IS a great picture, well arranged, from largest homo sapien at the back, huge doggy in the middle to diddy little cat at the front!
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My Brother with Piglet!!!
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Aww what great pics Big Kat and Bundy!!! Look at little piggies tum!!!
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Piggy's looking off like "Mommy! Help me!!!" Cute pic, though.

BTW, seeing as Piggy is getting so big, are we going to get an update to Amy's Babies? They have grown SO much since you posted the last batch.
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Here's a pic of Mika with Socks and Boo a few weeks after we got them. Mika would kill me if he knew that I put a picture of him on here with him looking like this. :laughing:
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I think it's a cute picture! Mika looks more playful than the kitties! LOL
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Thanks Heidi! I think Socks and Boo were wondering what was going on. :LOL:
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Haven't got one of Lee with the big baby Orion yet, but here he is with the little one Draco...lol
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Great pic Louise

Talk about cute ..... and the kitten isn't too bad either!

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Louise - is that a proud daddy or what???
Leslie - piglet is too cute!!!
There are SOO many great pics in this thread!

I got another one of Gary, and since the other one was so..... I thought it fair that he get a better shot. O.k. So he's not shaved. But Munchie curled up with Shelly - and Gary couldn't resist:
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LOL thanks Thomas :laughing2
Paws off he's all mine buddy :P

Thanks Laurie. He's a very proud daddy indeed
Not bad for someone that didn't even really like cats until he met me 2 years ago huh!
Great picture of Gary...another proud daddy there too I see
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Wow!! Spooky your kitties look SOOOO darn cute in that pic! and I think its a great one of Mika!! (but don't worry, I won't tell him )
Louise,- another great pic on this thread!!
And LDG, that is so cute! Guess he just couldn't resist the kitty "lure" eh!!??
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Louise, I love that pic of Lee and Draco. It's the same look on his face as a new Daddy holding their baby, such love and compassion.

Laurie, of course Gary couldn't resist! I have a hard time resisting when my babies snuggle up together. I always want to join the snuggle-fest.
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I was just catching up and realized I'd forgotten to say anything to Spooky about that pic - it's FABULOUS! While Mika certainly looks very mischievous - Socks and Boo are TOO CUTE!!!

And Louise - go figure, but Gary didn't like cats either! He was truly a cat-hater until sometime this Spring. !!! And even then he was just lukewarm. It really wasn't until we rescued Lazlo - and that first few hours inside, when Lazlo just BURIED himself into Gary's arm and loved him so much - his heart just melted.

[We'd been caring for a stray for 9 - 10 months so it wouldn't raid the garbage, when a litter of kittens turned up in the yard - and that's what brought me to the cat site. We'd been caring for them (outside) for about a month when the whole family disappeared except for Laz. That's how he came inside. Even Gary felt bad about the poor baby outside crying!]

And yes - now Gary is the proud daddy of three! And he is the primary care giver to all the outside cats (except Booger - she's "mine.") With the cat we dropped off last night, that makes 17 that he's trapped and we've had spayed/neutered since June.

...He owed a LOT of apologies to people (friends who own cats), and started dialing them all to profer those apologies.... Some were so shocked that we have one cat, let alone three - that they still just don't really quite believe it. !

:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Wow he's undergone a real conversion then!
Lee didn't exactly hate them but just didn't ever consider owning one I guess. He's allergic to them as well.
When he first moved in with me I still had my older cats Sai, CJ and Snowy but we lost all three earlier this year. He had gotten used to them being around and was pretty upset when they passed on.
The house seemed so empty with no cats around, so we made a joint decision to initially get one but then decided it would be better to get 2 so they could keep each other company. Lee loves black cats so that's why we chose to get Draco to be Orion's buddy.
Good thing about the russians is that Lee's allergy hasn't been giving him anywhere near as much problems as it does with other cats. I'm not sure why but it's a good thing anyway...lol
Here's some more pics...
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still playing...
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Great pictures, all of you!!!!! I really enjoy seing these pics of the men in your lives with the cats in your lives!!!

Bundy....your brother is as cute as ever!

Sarah...I think Mika is adorable...and don't worry...we won't tell him you posted it! :tounge2:

And Louise, Laurie, and everyone else who posted pics, (I am afraid I might forget someone) I love them!!!! Great pics!!!!
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Here's Orion's proud daddy...
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and another one...
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Louise !!

Is that a TORONTO Maple Leaf's T-shirt I see Lee wearing??

Go LEAFS Go!!!

:tounge2: :tounge2:
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Those are great pics!
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I spent ages tryng to get Suki to hold still while I took a picture of us both snuggling. She kept belting me in the face, so I gave up :tounge2:
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LOL Bunn...it's hard enought taking pictures of someone else with the kitties...let alone yourself! I'm sure you'll get some nice shots eventually though...lol

Yep Kassandra! It most certainly is a Toronto Maple Leafs t-shirt that he's wearing. He has another t-shirt too...and a jersey that I have now pinched off him...lol :laughing:

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here is Tarryn with Timothy
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and one of him with Sebastian and Timothy
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This is my hubby John and his princess, Sugarly. Father - daughter bonding session!
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