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Men and their cats!

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There is a pretty cool thread on another cat board where women are sharing photos of the men in their lives with the cats in their lives. I thought it would be neat to see what you might have to contribute here. I'll start- this is hubby Mike and Tums- since this picture, I am proud to say Mike has lost 100 pounds but thankfully he has not lost his love for cats!

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Wow!!!!!!!!! He lost 100 lbs!!! That had to take alot of work!!!!! I am impressed!!!

Here are two pics of my hubby with Merlin......he babies him even more than I do, and he was never a cat lover until he fell in love with Merlin...he always said, "We will NOT have any cats in the house, they pee on the carpet, they claw up the furniture, they destroy a house .....blah, blah, blah......." And that is why I am so filled with joy when I see him with Merlin, and how he treats him, because this is a man who never liked cats very much, and now he just loves Merlin, and he would probably cry if something happened to him (macho image be damned)

The way it happened was because Merlin was abandoned by his mother, and terrorized to the point of shock by a dog, and all his brothers and sisters were killed....I found Merlin in the shed, ( only a few weeks old) shaking, scared half to death, and starving......I took him in the house, much to hubby's protests.
Hubby first said, "Get that cat out of the house....I said no cats in the house"

I told him basically to kiss my hiney, the cat was staying until it got strong enough, and able to be back outside.

He wasn't very happy with that, but he dealt with it.

Then when Merlin finally got stronger, and was starting to play, Brent kinda liked playing with him....he loved it when Merlin "attacked" him....and then he started saying how smart Merlin was, and then Merlin started cozing up to him, and sleeping on him at night, and pretty soon....guess who's baby Merlin was?? :laughing:

NOW...Brent watches the window for Merlin, (he's an indoor/outdoor cat) and when Merlin is out there and wants in, he jumps on the window sill, and who do you think is the first one to run to the door to let him in????

And when we have anything for supper involving hamburger, brent saves part of his so he can feed it to Merlin (who LOVES hamburger) :laughing:

What a sucker!!!! :laughing2 He babies Merlin more than I do!!!!!!!! Here are some pics of him with Merlin......I am so proud when I see them together, because of the change Merlin made in Brent's heart towards cats!!!! ( he adores Merlin now!!!)

I will have to post the pics in the next two posts.
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Well crap....I tried to post the pics of hubby with merlin, but it won't let me because it says I have already posted them on the catsite. So..I guess I can give you the link to the pics if you want to see them...

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Earl was holding and loving Ophelia this weekend and it was just too cute not to get a pic. He is the only person that Ophelia lets pick her up, let alone love her like this. She is definitely Daddy's Girl.
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This is Bill, explaining to Ike, why HE can't sit on Bill's lap!
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I've got like a zillion pics of the babies, and a few with Mike holding them... but this is my favorite
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This is my MOST FAVORITE pic of Mike and Jedi!

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Great pics everyone. Dan loves to play with the cats' feet. Here he is with Molly.
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Faile is not as easy to cuddle. She starts to squirm or growl if we hold her too long. Here she is with Dan. Notice the annoyed look in her eye.
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NEVER trust a man, who doesn't like cats!
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Okay here is Pete with Tatyana and Pete with Piglet. I also took the one of him washing the dishes last night and told him I was going to post the pic (much to his horror) to show that real men do wash dishes LOL!!! He is so good to put up with a house full of cats and also lend a hand, even with working 2 jobs. Thanks Honey!

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Leslie, Great pics! Speaking of, when are we going to see more of Amy's babies? I am in kitten withdrawal.

katl8e, too true!
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hubby hates having his pic taken so no pics of him with or without kitties! Love everyone's pics.

Leslie - tell Pete hubba hubba with the bathrobe!
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Any Canadian that says Hubba Hubba is trouble...no matter how polite they are!

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Kassandra! I use all kinds of fun terms like hunkydorry, brouhaha, tippietop etc. It is habit! And you have to admit hubba hubba is appropriate!
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I'm embarressed! Thanks Bundy!!

I'll be hiding down a drain and won't be coming out for some time. Imagine everyone seeing those photos!

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Oopppppppssss sorry honey, I didn't think you would see than heheheh! ah you know you love being in the spot light! At least I didn't post that other one of you LMAO!
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I think the amateur home porn style pics are more attractive than me in my dressing gown!! With my waking up face on!! I haven't seen a face like that since I last saw a robber's dog!

Onya Bundy !!!!

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Oh dear!

To tell you the truth I prefer the bathrobe pic lol!
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Sorry...just a plain old pic coming at ya!


Gary giving his Sheldon a kiss as Shelly strolls by on Gary's chair:
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Caption that Picture:

1. Ummmm... Mom, he's kissing me again
2. Are you sniffing my butt!!?

very cute pic LDG

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Unfortunately I don't have any pictures...yet
But Lee has gone from a guy who wasn't really into cats and wouldn't have owned one himself...to a guy who now has 2 furkids and refers to himself as "daddy"!
He even sent me an email from home the other day that was from "the kids" and talking about what daddy said to tell me...LOL
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I think you could also caption that pic with

"Wasn't me darling! I'll check the cat .... Phhewwww, I really can blame him this time!"

Just a thought.

Thomas Kat
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:LOL: :LOL: That was TOO funny!!! (the comments, not the pic per say.. )

I have to get another pic of Brent with Merlin soon, so I can post it!!!

I LOVE all these pics!!! And I think ALL the men here are simply gorgeous!!! I think it makes a man even more attractive when he loves his cat!!!
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Here are my 2 boys - neither of which look very happy!

But it's the only man/cat pic I have.
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Bill was, never a cat-hater so, I never had that hurdle to clear. He loves all kinds of animals except pigeons, woodpeckers and 'gators. When he was a kid, in Texas, 'gators used to eat their hunting dog puppies.
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Great picture, Yola!
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Yola - they may not look happy per se, but he sure looks possessive! "It's MY cat - hands off!" ...at least that's the caption I'd put in "Caption This!"

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Hey, Bundy - not only do real men wash dishes, they cook, too!
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