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Hello everybody,

I am writing this to inform you all that we here at EMRO (The Egyptian Mau Rescue Org.) might be closing our doors at the end of 2007. The reason for this is lack of funds. Currently, due to lack of sponsors, most of the expenses are coming out of our own, personal, savings fund. So unless EMRO receives more donations, large or small, we will have no choice but to close our doors and release all the current cats we have here at the shelter (currently 34) back out in the wild. If you or anybody you know would like to help, please contact us directly by eather PM or at webmaster@emaurescue.org .

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Sending prayers and hugs from Misissippi that you get the funds that you need.

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Sending hugs and prayers from PA that you are able to find the funding needed to keep the rescue running. Is there anything we can do?
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Adding prayers and vibes that EMRO gets a miracle, and funding comes your way!!! For what people spend on quickly-forgotten Christmas gifts, they could give their kids a couple of REAL Egyptian cats or at least sponsor one
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You are going to release them into the wild? Even if you have lost funding I am sure that with persistance and media you can get them homes. I certainly would think about adding one to my home, they are beautiful cats.
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Here in the US, it is against the law for a nonprofit organization (a group recognized under IRS 501c3 regulation) to dissolve without turning over its assets to another, similar organization -- the IRS requires a dissolution clause in the bylaws of such groups. Even if Egyptian law does not have such a provision, I urge you to think very, very hard before choosing to essentially abandon cats who have been in your custody. I DO appreciate that sometimes it feels as though there is just no good alternative. Perhaps you can limit your organization programs to just maintaining the care of the cats you currently have, not taking on any further rescue efforts. Or you can decrease costs in other ways, possibly. I don't know very much about your organization and its programs. Ask ALL of the folks who have EVER given you a cent, what they think you should do. I know that may seem harder than posting a message on the world wide web, but really, it is likely to provide you much more help, too.
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