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People just make me so mad

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Ok so I made a post before about the littel girl whos father had left her outside to freeze, well yesterday there was a peliminary hearing and well now there is more details of what he did and confssed too I just cant believe that there is people like this out there ! But he had confessed and now he is pleading not guilty, I am glad that they do have some or most of the confession on tape!!! But here is the link. Also the mother hasnt talked at all about any of this !!!


I also feel bad for the mother for all this happening to her kids, and she is also 8 months preggy with his child now !!!
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All I can say is there is a special place in Hell for him, he will also get what is coming to him when he goes to prison. Other prisoners do not like people who have hurt a child.
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That poor little angel! I just feel sick to my stomach right now. I can't even begin to imagine how someone could do something like that to an innocent child or anyone else for that matter. Thank God she is in a place where she can no longer feel pain or have to suffer. It's just so unfair that she had to die to accomplish it.
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What's the explanation for this kind of behavior? How people become to be monsters, anyone knows?
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It's amazing what some people can do to others, even their own kin. They must have no empathy at all.
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Like I have said before, anyone capable of murdering an animal, is more than capable of murdering a child. What drives a person to commit such attrocities is beyond me.
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