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Thursday DT

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Just wanted to wish everyone a good day.

Seems pretty quiet here today...

Tonight is my first bowling night of the season. My usual babysitter called and said she couldn't babysit tonight because she was going shopping with....my other babysitter! Bummer! How unlucky is that? I only have 2 babysitters!! So, I am not 100% sure if I can go. Hubby is tackling harvest season and we won't know if he's working until later. All the farmers have begun hauling their beans so he is pretty much in demand. He goes from his job, hops into his dump truck and is gone for a few hours. I normally only see him when he comes to bed(if I haven't fallen asleep by then)or first thing the next morning.

Bought one of those gel Wrist Rest and Mouse Pad for my office. It feels so weird but it is definately comfortable.
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Ghyslaine! I'm glad you're feeling better. It's a shame about the baby sitter. I hope you can find someone else. It has been quiet today, hasn't it? How do our members expect to be crowned "Alpha Cats" or "Top Cats" if they don't gab more!
I know what it's like to be a "work widow;" my husband worked 12 hours a day, every day, for the first `10 years of our marriage. Well, that's how I got so many great hobbies. Have a great night!
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Hi Jeanie!!! Looks like it's just you and I today.

Well...I may be off to bowling anyways. Hubby may not have to work tonight! (surprise!) I am used to being alone quite a bit because he works on the Roads department so, in the winter, he is out quite alot thanks to good old Canadian winters. It's okay though, now that my boys are a little bit older, I don't seem to 'need a break' as much as when they were babies. So I pout less and just say 'have a good night and we'll talk in the morning'.

Off to finish preparing supper. Maybe I can sneak out a little early and get in some shopping!

Have a great evening!
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I've been trying to pop in now and then today. I've been swamped at work. It's actually been slow all week here at the site. I've noticed our mates from Australia haven't been around much. Tania has a good excuse, but where's Leslie?!?!

Ghys, it sounds like you have the opposite problem I do. My hubby is ALWAYS home when I'm home. Sometimes it's nice, but sometimes I just want some alone time.

Have fun bowling tonight.
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You're right, Heidi. It's been a slow week, but we've had quite a few readers of our story. That's gratifying! As for Bundylee, she went looking for Tania, last I heard. Now she's missing. I enjoy her sense of humor. OK, Aussies; get back where you belong or we'll give you what for. C'mon mates; crikey, are you getting cranky like Steve's little beauties? We need a G'Day!
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Hi Guys!!!
I've been doing some fall cleaning at home and I just popped in to say hi. You're right about it being quiet here this week. Maybe what we all need is for Mr. Cat to stop by and take us all on another one of his road trips!!!
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I'm here! Worked day shift and had to watch "Jeopardy", before checking in.

My VA check came today!!!! I am submitting my two weeks' notice on Monday. As of Oct. 28, I will no longer work for Walgreen's. No more anal-retentive managers, weird shifts or brain-dead customers.

Bill and I are taking this retroactive check and going on a little vacation. We have, both earned it. He's been working on the same piece of equipment, that keeps breaking the same part, for three days straight. The thing needs to be replaced but, nobody will listen to him. They've spent three times the cost of a new one, repairing this one. What a way to run a company!

The spring semester, at Pima College begins in January. I'm going to see what kind of computer and accounting courses are available. I'll get a part-time job, just to keep busy. Most classes at Pima are only two days a week.

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It was a very nice Thursday. We've tried to institute pot luck lunches once a month at work. Today was our "Fall Feast". We have people from all around the world, so people bring interesting ethnic dishes. We all ate way too much and spent the rest of the day not doing much

I hope everyone has a good evening!

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