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Do you thank your vet

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There was a letter in "Annie Mailbox" newspaper column this morning about a lady writing a thank you note to her vet after the cat died for taking care of her cat for the past 12 years.
I guess I never thought about writing a note to my vet (or (vets at the clinic in my case). Have you done so???
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
There was a letter in "Annie Mailbox" newspaper column this morning about a lady writing a thank you note to her vet after the cat died for taking care of her cat for the past 12 years.
I guess I never thought about writing a note to my vet (or (vets at the clinic in my case). Have you done so???

I have never written a thank you note to our vet, but I do tell him thank you every time we leave the vets office. Our vet has been our vet for 17 years.
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I send my vet a Christmas card each year thanking them for their services. I sign every last one of my critter's names in that card. I've also written thank you cards for some of his vet techs, particularly the ones that know me well and go out of their way to help me out.

I had a vet once send me a beautiful potted plant after I lost a cat to cancer. Hippocrates was the first cat I had adopted as an adult and my only baby for 12 years. I had only been going to this vet for 6 months but he told me that my cat could have been the twin of his cat, his cat was getting old and he dreaded the day that would happen to him. He cried with me.
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I do my thank-you's in Christmas cards too

Maybe this lady found the letter writing exercise therapeutic (sp?)
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When Charlie was in cat hospital for about 2 weeks, after he was discharged he/we sent a card to the vets and the nurses for looking after him so well. They spoiled him rotten and I couldn't have looked after him better myself.

And after Lilly died we sent a card saying thank you for all the care they gave her.... they were amazing.

I say thank you after every visit and I think the cats do in their own way... i.e. not peeing on the floor or biting them!
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Yep, Scully 'wrote' a thank you note to the vet and included some photos of after his fur grew back in after his op last year to show her how much better he was feeling and looking
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My vet is one of the most caring and compassionate people I know. My parent's cat, Samson, had to be PTS this past Christmas Eve. He was 19 1/2 years old, he had been fighting CRF for over 4 years and was no longer responding to the Epogen for his severe anemia. It was Dr. Sue's daughter's birthday and her only day off before Christmas, so she was doing all her birthday and holiday baking that day. She dropped everything to go to the clinic to help us let Sam cross. She stayed with us for over 2 hours. She cried with us.

My parents and I both sent her thank you cards. My parents also sent her a gift certificate to her favorite Chinese restaurant as a thank you. I always send her a birthday card and a Christmas card from me and the girls. Like I said, she is an absolutely lovely, caring person....and I definitely want her to know how much I appreciate her!

Pookie & the girls
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I haven't yet, but on my list of things to do is a thank you card to the vet who did Smudge's eye surgery. She did it for free - the shelter only had to pay for the general anaesthetic.

I'm going to make a card, and have before and after pictures of her sweet face, so she can see how much of difference it made.

It's wonderful that people like her still exist out there
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My boyfriend's mom recently lost their 6 year old dog to brain cancer. It was really hard on their whole family. The vet sent them a card that had a personalized note from each member of their staff. Each one wrote about their favorite time when the dog came in from puppyhood till the day he died.

They were so touched by the card. So now that I've seen how much it can mean someone, I think if I had the emotions under control I would send a card as well. My vet gives very personalized service, and has had a lot of patience with my wild dog. On every summary page from our visit she writes a really nice comment about the animal she treated. Considering how much a vet is usually there at the end of a pet's life and how they have to see a whole family distraught, it must take a toll on them as well. A little appreciation might make them cope a little better.
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Our local vets is part of a large company with practices all over SE England
and you never see the same vet twice.
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I thought about doing so for my bunny... but i realised that they didnt tell me alot of things about my rabbit so i am peed off at them.
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I do. When my Sam & Patrick passed away, I sent her a thank you note each time. And I send her Christmas cards every year. When Sam & Patrick passed away she sent a nice card from her & the whole staff. And what was nice as well, when Patrick passed, we took him to a specialist and they also sent a card as well.
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I thought about it when Trout was sick last year..but then for some reason I didn't send a thank you. I think I just forgot.

Also, I don't think my vet did anything super awesome to save her..he just put her on IV and then she got better, but he didn't ever know what was wrong with her in the frist place.

If he did something amazing for her, I would definately send a thank you
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I've never done that, only because my boys have only been in for checkups/ect. My thank you is the big bill that usually accumulates from being there.
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I try to send one after every vet visit. I am a foster mom- i depend on the wonderful vets around here. I am very good friends with numerous vets around here- many have done free work for me and my foster kittens on numerous occassions. They are excellent vets and i respect them and love them to pieces. They do WONERFUL work with my animals as well as my fosters. I always make it a point to send thankyou cards after each visit to let them know how much their excellent care means to my foster animals/ my furbabies and I. They are such great vets and do sooooo much to help animals- i want them to know how much i appreciate the kind things they do. I always send thankyou notes
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I've never written a thank you note, but I always thank them in person after their done working on my pet.
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I say thank you to my vet after each visit, and he responds with your welcome and thank you, prolly thanks you for you money . But when suzie passed away, I did give them a courtesy call, to let them know that she had passed, and thanked them again for their help, and that she was in a better place. I never thought of a christmas card though, but I am not into cards for any time of year, a personal touch is always better in my mind, not too mention, I ma horrible with cards.
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