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Cost of a plumber

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My garbage disposal broke yesterday, and it was clogged. I was unable to use my dishwasher and half of the double sink. I called a plumber who came within an hour. During that hour the boyfriend and I went out to purchase a new disposal since we had planned to purchase a new one since we bought the house.

We ended up buying the highest model available but it's a lot larger than what we had. The guy came in and worked for less than an hour and figured out that the one we bought didn't fit and the pipes needed to be changed to accomodate it. So he left the job undone and the sink is not piped up anymore and said he's gonna come back tomorrow morning.

Then he hands me the bill and asks for a deposit tonight. The deposit was $280, the total for work is $600. :censor::censor::censor:?? The disposal costed $315 and it was the most expensive one around. Am I being had on the labor?

I would have no problem paying if the work was even remotely close to charge, but I watched him do 1 thing that I could have done, and that was remove the old disposal. Changing the pipes requires a little more work (one pipe needs to be shortened and another lengthened), but it still doesn't add up to $600.

I've never had a plumber, and all my other installations never came close to this cost. My Bosch dishwasher that needed a custom fitting costed only $120 to install. Does this make sense to anyone? If it's the norm, I'll understand, but I hate being taken advantage of because I don't know.
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Plumbers are outrageous, but $600 is a bit high for what he is doing for you. When I do need to hire one, I'll call around and ask their rates before I ask them to come out. Sometimes you can save money that way. But you might just need to bite the bullet on this one.

We're doing a kitchen remodel right now and the plumber is also doing the heating vents. Ours charged us $700 to install 3 vents that run under the cabinets (the cabinets weren't installed yet so it was easy). I got more for $700 than you are getting for $600.
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Thanks for the info. Yeah I was worried I'd have to live and learn with this one. Well the guy is on his way now to finish the job. I am expecting a good job out of him at this price.
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