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He really wants to play!

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Peedoodle always brings his pig toy to bed every night - I think he wants to play. But this morning, I found the whole toybox sitting outside my bedroom door. He must have really wanted to play! But I am wondering, how does a cat move a toybox???? It is just a shoebox with lots of toys inside - they know where they are kept whenever they want to play. Hmmmm.

Do your kitties do anything like that?
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Mooch shoves toys under our door. It's her excuse to sit there and meow and bang on the door to try to get us up! Doesn't work too well most of the time!
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Kittys can move mountains if they need to
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That's funny

When Radar wants to play he will start grabbing for fingers with his teeth. He also will drop a toy mouse at my feet and look up - if I don't notice right away he starts pawing and will jump up and down grabbing onto my knee. I wish he would learn less painful ways to get my attention! He plays fetch but only with a particular type of toy - fur covered mice. They have to be grey or he will not bring them to me to throw, the white ones never get brought to me

Sonic drops toys on our faces in the morning. He will bring things to the bed one by one and drop them on us until we wake up. Including a turkey soft toy which is nearly as big as he is. If we don't play fetch with him, he will start playing with a toy right between our faces which can get dangerous - it's like sleeping with your face next to the whirling blades of a food processor
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too funny, fortunately sugar and spice have not started that yet with me, but if cats can read, I might be in trouble, sugar is watching me post this , and spice is sitting in my lap . So I could be in trouble.
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Pepper pushes their water jug around. I had to put it in a plastic shoe box and fill all of it with water so it is too heavy for her to move. She spilled a gallon of water on the floor a few weeks ago when she knocked the jug off the stand. Nice thing to wake up to.
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Oh boy, cats are troublemakers
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I always wake up with a plethora of toys on my pillow beside my head Or I come home from work, and there is a bunch of toys splayed across the apartment when I had already cleaned them up before leaving in the morning
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I would love to have a video camera going when no one is home to see what they are doing when we are gone!
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus View Post
I would love to have a video camera going when no one is home to see what they are doing when we are gone!
Webcam! Peedoodle has "pig power"!!!
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
Webcam! Peedoodle has "pig power"!!!
I should buy a webcam! Hubby didnt bring our one over from the states, so that means we have to buy one....oh well, we can find a better one.....I wonder if there are movement sensitive webcams? Hmmmm.....
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