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Hi from new member

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Hi everybody.I just joined today and looking forward to meeting everybody and hearing about your cats.I have 2 persians Bailey and Sunny both here on the desk helping me type this reply.
Cheers Veronica
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Good morning Veronica! Welcome to you and Bailey and Sunny. My cat likes to help me on the computer, too, but it's by laying on my feet and keeping them warm :tounge2: Jump right in-everyone here is helpful and friendly. Hope to hear more from you!
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Hi Veronica

I've got 2 persians (and a British shorthair ex-stray) too.

Mine are called Fifi and Balie (my Dad who never spoke English very well used to mis-pronouce it as Bailey, so your cat's name made me smile).

What colours are your persians?

Welcome - hope to see you posting often - it's very friendly here, you'll love it.
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Hi Christy and Yola,thanks for the welcome.
Yola,Bailey is a cream boy named after Baileys irish cream since I am originally from Ireland and Sunny is a shaded cameo kitten,4 months old.What colour are your cats
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Cheers for asking Veronica.

Fifi is lilac cream, a kind of pinky grey/cream mixture. She's VERY fluffy and there is more of her coat on the rugs and on me than on her LOL!! She's a real doll - and knows it too!

Balie is solid blue. He's really silky and shiny and sleek. But very nervous - we've got lodgers at the moment and he's a bundle of nerves. He's my baby - only purrs for me and sleeps on my legs only.

We also have an ex-stray, pure black british shorthair called Ferdy. I call him Sturdy Ferdy coz he's so chunky.

I wish I had a digital camera so's I could post piccies.

Maybe one day . . .
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Welcome to the site Veronica! Your persians sound beautiful. I'm sure they are full of purrsonality, too. Well, all of them are.

Like Christy said, feel free to jump right in on any or all of the forums. This truly is the nicest bunch of people around, and we welcome all newbies!
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Hi, Veronica. We're looking forward to hearing all about you and your babies. Don't forget the pictures!
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I think you are going to love it here!

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just praticing
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Yea,it worked,Here are the the brothers.
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Oh - Veronica, they are just such darlings. all cats are beautiful (as I say to my husband many times each day - there is no such thing as an ugly cat), but for me personally, Persians are the sweetest of all.

Maybe that's coz people think their cold superior and aloof, but they really are not so at all - just big bundles of fluff.
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Welcome to the group Veronica
And thanks very much for your welcome message to me as well.
Baileys and Sunny are both gorgeous. You must be a very proud mummy
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They are gorgeous. And Congratulations on posting pictures! It is a nemesis of many people on the boards.
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