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Go is a go-go kitty

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Go is 9 months old and the youngest of my cats. He is different. One minute he is a ball of super energy (jumps, climbs, chases anything that moves, gobbles up his treats and insists on a playing tag). Then suddenly he sits and falls asleep. Nothing can wake him up for the next few hours. Then when he opens his eyes the craziness will start again. The others seem to be more balanced and they are one month older and above. None have acted like Go at his age. Is this normal behavior?
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I think it's perfectly normal for a jr. cat just out of kittenhood! Does he eat well? Poop well? Are his eyes clear and bright - he sounds quire normal, maybe a little wound up so he sleeps deeper. Can you post a photo of this little guy???
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So funny, I was laughing at Maia tonight for doing this very thing!!!!!! Running around like a head case, freakazoid, then next thing ya know, shes passed out or lying there completely exhausted!
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Charlie's almost 6 months old and does this - plays hard then falls asleep quickly. If everything else is normal, then don't worry about it. Some cats tend to just be goofy cats
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It sounds as if Go (apt name, Maria!) just wears himself out with his antics. Yes, I've seen cats just like that, and even kids. I don't think you have anything to worry about.
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Go sounds like a lot of fun. I'm jealous that you can have a few hours of peace straight!

They say you have to be careful what you name pets because they live up to them, and it's true! My dog, Peaches, whom we call "P" for short, lives up to her interpretation of her name- don't ask!

So even though, from looking at all your cats' names, it doesn't sound like you meant his name as the opposite of "stop", that's how he interpreted it. You need to teach him Japanese!

Enjoy his kitten-hood craziness while it lasts (hopefully a long, long time!).
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Originally Posted by sashacat421 View Post
Can you post a photo of this little guy???

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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
Ahhhhhhhhhaaaa, see thats a peek-a-boo go look I see in that picture! No matter where Maia is or what shes doing, if I hide behind something, she has to play!
Heres her peek-a-boo
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Yeah, that's pretty normal kitten/early teen behavior. Stanley is a very laid back kitty most of the time, but he gets into "crack head kitty" mode and just goes bonkers. It's like he has springs in his feet, he hops all over the place, on us, on the other cat, bounces off everything. Then, as quickly as it comes on, it's gone and he's sleeping in a ball.

I find that a regular game of "chase the birdie" diffuses this a little.

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