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IMPORTANT Forum Announcement - PLEASE Read!!

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Hi Everybody! *smile*

Those of you who participate regularly here in the TCS Pregnant Cats and Kitten Care Forum already know about our program to aid and assist people with pregnant cats - The Pregnant Cat Buddy program has been a huge success and we anticipate it to be even bigger and better as Spring Kitten Season approaches. The idea behind the program is to match up people - those with expectant cats and those who have gone through a pregnancy and raising kittens - to help with questions, advice, encouragement and resources ... all the way from learning their cat is pregnant to completion of spay/neuter for both the momma cat and the kittens.

This program is the brainchild of Katie (TNR1) and myself. Katie has been doing a stellar job of administering the program, but I have recently learned that due to prior obligations outside of TCS, Katie will no longer be able to perform admin functions within the program. First, I think we should all give her the credit she is due for a job well-done! Thank you, Katie, from the bottom of my heart, for doing everything you could, above and beyond the call of duty, to make this program successful. Second, I want to let everyone know that I am looking for someone to take over where Katie left off - and I should warn you in advance, these are big shoes to fill! Katie has been responsible for running the program, matching people up, and ensuring that everyone who wants one, has a buddy to lean on.

If you are interested in taking on this daunting task, please PM me and let me know. I am looking for someone who is responsible, able to be online at varying times of the day, would put a lot of themselves into the program by making suggestions on how to better it, emailing potential buddies/mentors and generally making things run smoothly.

With Spring in the US fast approaching, kitten season will be underway before we know it and there will be a lot of new folks coming in with questions and concerns. It is my hope to get someone in place and comfortable with the position before that happens. So, act fast if you are interested.

Again, my sincere thanks to Katie for everything she has done to help get this program off the ground and to make it the success it has become. I could NOT have done it without her and she deserves all the credit for making it a positive experience.

Yours, as always, from the heart,

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for Katie and she won't be able to keep doing the great job she's doing.

I'm not offering my services - it would be better if the replacement member is on the US time zones get the job - I'm asleep when everyone else is awake! And wide awake when everyone else is asleep

I'm sure you'll make the right choice Gaye!!!!
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Katie has done a wonderfull job. And is leaving big shoes to fill for sure. I need to brush up on the full program itself...since i tend to lurk. might be pming ya. gaye.
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Thanks Gaye....and everyone....I'm not leaving the site, but I am concerned that given my new role with the rescue group that I volunteer for, I won't be online as much and as we get into kitten season here in the USA and abroad...we really need someone who can dedicate a lot of time to matching buddies with new posters and also keeping tabs on how things are progressing.

If anyone would like to ask questions about it....please feel free to PM me. The best candidate would be someone who can dedicate a lot of time to being online and on this site so that as new posters join, they can be matched with their buddy.

Again....I think this is a really rewarding opportunity for anyone who would like to help cats.

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