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There's a place for pedigrees as well as mixed breeds. I never bought the story of buying a purebred will hurt the mixes in shelters. You do find purebred IN shelters too.

I don't know of any purebred breeder that didn't have their share of mixed breeds in the past or the present. Many of them have rescued shelter mixes in their homes and treat them just as well as the purebreds. When I was showing my rexes, I also had one or two mixed breed HHP's that were shown from time to time.

EVERY cat in my house was shown at one point or another.
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When I was fostering Toby I asked one of my neighbours if she wanted to adopt him. She said as much as she liked him she was holding out for a Burmese. Her last Burmese kitty had died a year ago at the age of 18 and when she felt ready she would adopt another. She just wouldn't ever get any other type of cat.

Toby went to a meowmy who held out for a Ginger Tabby cat (she would not consider any other type).

My Mother In Law loves Moggies and they are the only kitties she would ever have. She like Mica and Hopey but finds them too "high maintenance" , and that's fair enough.

I love both my Balis and Rocket and would adopt another Moggy (from a shelter this time) one day in a heartbeat. Ben loves Torties and so we will probably adopt a tortie Moggy.

People are different and there will always be a place for both Moggies and Pedigrees in this world.
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Just had to update this thread because there was a story on the local news about Toygers (because there's a cattery for one about 45 minutes away). They looked just adorable, very well taken care of and the breeder seemed like she had their best interest at heart so it was good to know. I'd never get one though - can't afford it, plus Baylee seems to enjoy being an only cat. :o)
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