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Possible New Job?

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Well there is a animal shelter about 4-6 miles from us not far at all and they offered me a part time job . I'm excited but a little sad at the same time . Will i still have time for my 12 babies and my husband if i take this job? They said i'll only be working 20-22hrs a week at $7.15 an hr. I worked at animal offices, clinics, shelters etc before full time and part but i've never had to up-keep these many animals myself. It would be a big bonus for us money wise but really were not hurting at all in the money spot? I talked to Troy and really he could care less if i took it or not men are stubborn when there not the center of something. Well i use to work before but i did not get $7.15 an hr lol, as some know Ohio's new min wage is now $6.85 so yay! Greedy buissness owners must pay up and also i heard there might be updated re-inforcements on health pass's on buissness's. There adding more code updates since i guess a few places were following all the health codes but still slacking in over all.

But anyways i'm not sure if i want to take the job or not . We would have enough to happily keep all the animals and more. Troy himself makes enough to cover everything with no problem and still leave over $600 a month for us to do as we wish with. But if i was working for $7.15 an hr 20-22hrs a week we would have well over enough money to do some household updating. We wanted to extend the kitty play room, get some new climbing items for the cats etc. But i just don't want to leave home i'll miss my babies. Maybe they'll let me bring Cookie or Dayton to keep me company. I know i'll be working with animals and everything but i don't want to abandon my own cats. I have kittens that not only need mommy but ME! Because i still have to spoil mom and them haha and i can't do that 20-22hrs a week i might go looney . I need to think this over more, i know there are some stay home mothers in here. What was your response when you were offered a job? Or anybody that has a lot of cats how did you manage a husband, animals and a job? I need more exp people lol.
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Well - all I know is hubby and I do get to work from home quite a bit. But when we're gone for work, we're both gone, and it's usually from 5:00ish in the morning to 8:00 - 10:00 at night. Our kitties don't seem to miss us - although they DO want dinner ASAP! We did make a point of making coming and going "no big deal" from the beginning.

Seems to me that with 20 or 22 hours of your week at a shelter, you'd still be able to find time for the housework, caring for and spending time with hubby, and lots of playtime with your babies! This way you get to help lots more cats - and meet new people too.

You sound excited about the idea - which means I think you want to do this. The worst case is that you find it isn't working for you, and you give them two weeks notice.

Seems kind of like a "win-win" situation to give it a try!

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Yeah, i might try it. I've never spent a day away from my kitty's since i got them specially Lilly and Faith since they were pregnant. I know i'll be helping a shelter but i'll miss them a lot . But i know its worth a try and if it doesn't work out i can just put in my two weeks lol.
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Yeah -kitties are addictive. We used to worry about them so much when we were gone all day. I'll never forget the first time we left the house together when Lazlo and Shelly were babies. But now that we know they're fine, we're fine too.

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I found that having a job got me away from the house and away from the menial housework jobs that aren't mentally challenging - except maybe cleaning the oven LOL!

And if I was going through anything mentally upsetting - like a fight with the husband or family matters, then it got me away from that for awhile and let me deal with it subsonciously.

On the plus side your job won't be full-time which means it'll leave you with a perfect balance of get-away time and house time. You'll appreciate being home more when you are AND you'll appreciate being away which most of us who have to do full time can't.

ALSO, you'll get a chance to meet people you wouldn't normally meet and create new friendships. YAY!

I see much happiness for you. Good Luck!
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Thanks. It gives me great support to try and do it. It seems like a good idea and it might give me more options.
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Oh good luck!! I'm sure it will be great!
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