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Please take time to read this...I am asking you to please pray for this family

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Awhile back I asked for some prayers for a REALLY good friend of mine, and well she got some really devastating news and I would like to share it with all of you. I reall teared up after reading it. I love this girl to death and feel so bad for her, and well, all of them!!

knew what kind of news I was going to get today, but it still it me like a ton of bricks. First, mom and dad are sitting in the waiting room, waiting for the Dr to call them back. While they are sitting there, my dad just starts shaking uncontrollably and couldn’t breathe right. He gets short of breath anyway lately and he was breathing fast and was pale. The nurse came out with a wheel chair and helps him in it and they rush him back and give him oxygen. They check his blood pressure and it was really high. The Dr thinks he has an infection and that maybe that is why his chest/side has been hurting him. I think part of it is anxiety too.

Well, they proceed to tell him he has colon/liver cancer and it’s at the stage that it isn’t curable. He said it’s possible it could go into remission if he can get the high dollar medicine. His Dr said he will go ahead and order the high dollar medicine if he can get insurance to say yes, they will approve him. The medicine my dad needs is going to cost $100,000 – without it, my dad doesn’t stand much of a chance. His sister is taking him tomorrow to sign up on disability. I’m opening up a pay pal account and asking people to donate money to it for my dad. It will be up and ready in 3-4 business days. If I post the link to you, will you ask about posting it on your cat site and asking for help? Even you can donate. EVERY LITTLE PENNY WILL HELP and will be greatly appreciated and I will never forget those who help/helped.

His Dr has been a total sweetheart and is helping him all he can. He is going to help all he can to get dad on insurance and his disability. He has just been terrific and I’ll never be able to thank him enough. I think he starts his chemo march 1st. I’m just not ready for this…I can’t help but to wonder why b/c I’ve prayed so much and had him prayed for…I just don’t understand.

You know me, Monica, and know the last thing I ever want to do is ask someone for money but my dad needs this. I want to get him the best possible care he can get. He deserves that and more. He raised 4 kids and with much love and it’s time we help him and I’m going to do everything I can for my dad. Thank you very much for being there for me and your kind words/support lately has meant the world to me. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate you and very happy that we met online and became friends.

Luv ya


Please guys pray for them. I just dont know how to handle this yet....
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We all feel so helpless at a time like this. Hugs and soooothing headbuts, kittykisses and calming licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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prayers and vibes. Hoping board magic helps here.

We sure know the struggle of medical bills.

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that kind of breaks my heart, its hard when your only chance is $100,000, and honestly who the heck has $100,000. Bless Him and prayers his way. If they are not a religious bunch, maybe now is a good time to be. the power of prayer is healing. it opens your heart to the lord and he does hear our prayers, even the really big ones.
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Oh how awful. I am praying for him.
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I am sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for this family.

Please keep us updated on this family.
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I am praying for this family! Please keep us updated!
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That's so sad I hope your friend and her family manage to get the money. Maybe they could do a thing with the community like some sort of concert or something or a big garage sale where people donate as well. Ive heard of people doing that
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I'm really sorry your friend and her family are going through a hard time. Good luck to her Dad, I really hope they can manage to get the money.
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I will pray. How scary.
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