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Any bloggers out there??

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Do any of you write in a blog online????

I just started my own blog at www.blogger.com and I've blogged before and I really enjoy it.

Do you give out your blog address for friends to read, or is it more private?
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I soooo thought that this thread said "Any boogers out there"!!

BTW-no, I dont have one
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No I don't, but I have several favorites that I read everyday.
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I haven't updated mine in forever!
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I had to keep a blog for my drama class which my prof read and I found that I really enjoyed it. I've always enjoyed keeping a journal, and seeing as how I spend a great deal of time on-line, I decided to just start a blog to write in and I love it. It's a work in progress, but hopefully it will good soon

I let others read mine, like friends and such and I read theirs.
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Yeah, I used to have a blogger.com account way back in 2003 but for the life of me I can't remember what my username was! I've been using Livejournal since early 2004 and I love it. As for having other people read it, it's "friends only" so lurkers can't read anything unless I make it public. If someone adds me to their friends list I will add them back, and THEN they can read my entries.
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I use www.opendiary.com but nobody that I know knows the address. I don't like anyone that I know reading it since I write personal stuff in it.
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I have one, but it's locked for friends only.
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