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cat´s breed!

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Hiiiii I´m new arround here. I have a cat, but i don´t know her breed... Could you help me? She is black and white, well, more white than black, i picked her from the streets...I´ve been wanting to ask the vet but i never remember when she goes there... I tried to put a pic here but it just didn´t work. I guess a pic helps so here it goes: http://www.vivapets.com/petsite.php?id=1078 Thanks!!!
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Try and get a little better pictures. Seems to me you don't have a black/white cat, but looks more like a brown tabby van (white cat with a little color on head, tail, and some on the body). Its not a "breed" - its a color classification. Your kitty would be a domestic shorthair mixed breed

He definiently has tabby markings even tho its not much. A true black/white cat would have solid black color on him.
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Wouldn't she be a lynx point?

Either way she's a very pretty domestic short hair!
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I am thinking a lynx point color or just tabby markings here and there. She isn't any particular breed, especially if you just found her. She is gorgeous, but just a Domestic Short Hair would be her breed.
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Only would be pointed if all the markings were on the head, legs, and tail. That's why we need a better photo of the entire cat. I'm guessing Brown Tabby Van from the photo rather then a lynx point.

Also possible that its a silver lynx point or silver tabby van - hard to really tell from that one photo.
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She is pretty, and I agree- domestic short hair. Are her eyes blue? It's hard to tell in the pic.
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