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I think I better join in on this, too. I've been losing weight since I started my new job a year ago without changing anything. Just the lesser amount of stress in my life from being miserable at my job was enough to get it started, but I need a boost now.

Leslie, depression and stress will pile on the pounds over time. I know that you lost your Mum earlier this year, and your gaining weight since then is completely normal. I don't even want to think about how much I gained when I lost my Mom, and my Dad did the same thing. We're here for you, sweetie.

I know about the WW point system because a friend of mine got that "diet" from her Dr. years before WW got it. It is great, but I haven't been on it for years and years. (Daniela, I just sent an email, too. Thank you!)

One thing about the Atkins Diet - a friend of mine is on it, along with excersize and she has lost 85 pounds!!! It is working out great for her. She was faced with a horrible choice, though. Her Dr. said that her only option was the stomach stapling, which may work for some but once she found out what was really involved (you can only drink about 2 tablespoons of liquid at a time for about 3 months after the surgery ) she decided to try this. She's very dedicated, and is changing her whole way of eating, not just being on the diet until she loses the weight she wanted. It worked wonders for her, but it isn't for everyone.

I have to agree that I think a support group here would be great. I can't think of anyone else who I would rather share my triumphs and setbacks with than you guys!
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Whew! I think I've been gone too long. Alot has happened since I last checked in.

Kim, please don't feel bad about talking about the Atkins diet. I know many who have tried it and 2 that are actually on it. The last two are on the no carb one. Personally, I don't think that's quite for me. I'm looking to make a complete lifestyle change.I don't think I could do that one. And please.....don't just stick to Cat topics. You are soooo much fun!!!!

Daniela, Thanks so much for your help. You are a doll!!!! I haven't had a chance yet to look into anything. I did fiddle around the website you gave us on friday. It's very neat. I've signed up but haven't figured it out yet I'll take the time to do that hopefully very soon.

Debby, Could we really have a weight support thread???? I would love it! I was afraid people would think I was ridiculous requesting help for my weight issues on the Catsite. So far....I haven't been fireballed!!! :LOL: I think that with such a great group, we would do wonders for one another.

On that note: I had a "bad Girl" week-end. I really had waaaay too many treats. I am aiming for a better start tomorrow. Send some "be good" vibes my way.

Bundylee, I am sending you a big (((HUG))). Please don't hate yourself, just join in with us gals and we'll have you feeling better about yourself pretty soon. Remember, we are always much harder about ourselves than others are of us. What you think you see in the mirror is not necessarily what others see you as. I'm sure Pete loves the pictures! And I'm sure you looked great.

Have a great evening everyone.

P.S. Let me know when the Weight support thread had been started. I haven't has time to play catch up with all the threads yet.
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Kim, Don't feel bad. The Atkins diet really does work for some people. It is a health concern for others though. For me, it would be too difficult to give up my favorite foods--bread, pasta, etc. so I wouldn't even try it. Having tried some of the other fads, I know how they work for awhile, but then the weight comes back. Since I haven't attended Weight Watchers for a while, a lot of the weight I lost on that program has come back, too. It just took longer, so I am trying again, this time planning to reach lifetime membership.

Leslie, I had one of those OMG moments a few years ago, too. Combined with looking at my older female relatives at a family picnic, it helped motivate me to lose weight. You seem like such a nice person, try not to be depressed about your weight. Believe me, there are plenty of us right there along with you. I found out that when I started keeping track of what I ate, I was really surprised by my former, not so healthy habits. It is the only way I lose, and I have to exercise. Is there someplace you can walk a mile or so each day? You would be surprised how much just 20 minutes of working out can change your body. As long as you are getting your heart rate up.
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My boyfriend used to work at ediets.com and he says that it is good for Canadians also. They have hundreds of support groups there. I actually use ediets for low-fat recipes and to watch my weight. The food is really tasty too.

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Ginger, I went on to ediet.com and tried to sign up to the support group. It said for US residents only. That's what made me frustrated because I have heard good things about it and I read up on it in Woman's World. It seemed like a great support group. Being Canadian, I just couldn't find out where I was supposed to go.
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I'll talk to my boyfriend and see if he can tell me exactly how someone from Canada can sign up.
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Kim....Please, PLEASE don't feel badly for posting about the Aitkins diet!!! Like Daniela said, you did nothing wrong at all! I am sure it is a good diet, and will work for others, just not if they are pregnant or breastfeeding. I hope you never feel like you should stick to cat related threads, like you said, because I would enjoy your input on many different subjects!! You are a great person and I value and respect what you have to say! On any thread, cat related or not.

Ghyslaine, we could either use this thread as a weight support thread, and to discuss all matters related to weight control, and support for it, or if you like you could start a seperate thread just for a weight control support group.

Leslie...please don't feel bad about the way you looked in the pictures. I am sure they weren't that bad. I think we see ourselves totally different than others do...I know when I got back my pictures from Amber's christening, I had been feeling rather proud of myself for the weight I had managed to lose so far, UNTIL I saw those pictures!!! I wanted to cry, too! I thought I looked so fat! I told my step-daughter that, and she looked at the pictures (she is 17) and she said, "you look just fine! It's just the way your dress is hanging that makes you look bigger" (isn't she just a sweetie?) I think we are maybe just too hard on ourselves. I think my face looks huge these days, not thin like it used to be, but other people say it is all in my head (no pun intended)
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