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I need weight loss ideas...

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I am looking for a weight loss site. I found the ediets.com one but it is only good for people living in the States. I was hoping to find some kind of support group (that caters to Canadians also).

I'm feeling kind of down in the dumps. I really wish I could shed these last annoying pounds but I lack the motivation to do it alone. I thought maybe if I could find a web site out there that would offer support, I could capture that motivation I seem to have lost.

Being sick for the past few weeks has kind of left me in a slump and I am not in the mood to be careful with my food. I'm afraid that I will just throw my hands in the air and lose this battle. I have done pretty good in the past few years. Dropped close to 30 pounds but I am hanging on to at least 25. I don't want to gain back what I've lost.

Anyone have any good advice or web sites in mind?

I have begun Yoga, I think it's a step in the right direction.

Sometimes I hate being a woman...it just so much darn work!
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What are your goals?

I'm doing the Body For Life program. I really enjoy it. I feel better and I don't feel hungry all day with the meal plans either.

Actually, I did it for about 4 weeks then I got a pretty bad sinus infection which messed with me for two weeks. I had no sense of smell so I hardly ever ate and didn't have the energy to workout. I'll be off the meds this weekend so I'm going to get back into it on Monday. It's really a great program. All you have to provide is initiative.
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Hi Ghys-

Here is a link

Canadian Links

Hope it helps!
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Thanks guys!

I will look into this later.

Jason, my goal is to change my way of thinking. I would love to wake up and not crave all the "bad" stuff! Not that I want to rule it out completely. I'd like to think healthy 90% of the time and have a treat 10% of the time. Right now, I think I'm heading for the other direction!
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Originally posted by Whisker's mom

Jason, my goal is to change my way of thinking. I would love to wake up and not crave all the "bad" stuff! Not that I want to rule it out completely. I'd like to think healthy 90% of the time and have a treat 10% of the time. Right now, I think I'm heading for the other direction!
Sound like me. The BFL program has been working great for me. Don't think it's some kind of fad diet thing that doesnt work. The only thing you have to buy is the book. Hell, borrow it if you can. It just consists of eating several small meals over the course of the day with a free day on Sunday. You workout 3 days a week (45 minutes) and do some type of cardio 3 days (20 minutes) of week. Good luck with whatever you do !
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I just recently lost 35 pounds on Weight Watchers. I know its available in Canada as well.

Its the points program, and teaches you how to eat right, their motto is it is not a diet but its a lifestyle. I swear by this program. Also, exercise does help. I go to the gym at least 2-3 times per week.

PM me if you want more info on this.
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I'm not disciplined enough and my schedule isn't regular enough to work out regularly. Organized meal plans never worked for me. For exercise, Hubby and I go for walks. (Very short ones these days after his back surgery, but we make sure to go at least 5 minutes every day). Don't know how old your kids are, but maybe it's something the whole family could do just after dinner. Quite frankly, it's been great for our relationship. It helps "wash" the wear of the day off, and whether we ate dinner at 5:00 or 10:00, we get to enjoy the sunset or the stars.... We do skip rainy days frequently. Is that cheating?

I don't know if you like the meal plan diets, or are just looking for a support group. What Hissy sent might be just what you're looking for.

What worked for me was ideas I got from Prevention magazine. I know it's on-line, although I actually get the magazine. I don't know if it's distributed in Canada. But it ALWAYS has tips for people who live with other people and don't want separate meals. That kind of thing. Here's the link:

Prevention Magazine

It is a big promotor of walking, which we as women really need for our bones (impact exercises, anyway. For me, walking is the easiest!). It also has great tips as to what to eat to stop cravings. Peanut butter, although fatty, is one of those things.

Have fun exploring. It really helped me.

Good luck!

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And if you are looking for support for Weight Watchers, take a look at this site:

Dotti's Weight Loss Zone
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I've thought of getting my jaws wired shut.....

Dr. didn't agree!

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Originally posted by Whisker's mom
I have begun Yoga, I think it's a step in the right direction.
I found that doing just 5 to 10 minutes of stretching in the morning really seems to get the metabolism going for the day. Yoga would be great as long as you can fit it in every morning. Honestly, I lost about 8 kilograms (not sure what that is in pounds) by doing stretches and cutting back on my serving sizes of food. Instead of having TWO pieces of toast in the morning I cut back to one and I'd cut it into to 4 pieces and eat it a bit slower. If I had cereal for breakfast I'd have half the amount.

After doing the stretching and having a smaller breakfast it seemed to set the tone for the rest of the day. For those inevitable 10:00am hunger pangs I would have a banana, rice cake or even a few bites of my lunch!. Lunch was my normal sandwich with just a little less butter than normal (or none if the filling was moist enough). At dinner time I made sure I had a little less than my husband and would try to leave something on the plate if I could.

Good luck - I'm sure many of us here can relate to what you're going through. You're right - it's tough being a woman!
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Wow!!! Thanks guys.

Just reading all of this has given me the motivation to try different ideas.

Lhezza....jaw wired shut? :LOL: Hey, now that you mention that.......

I actually did do some Yoga on my own this morning Lisa, and you are right, it did give me an extra boost. Hopefully it has set my day for me. I plan on taking the class 2 times a week and making sure I do some every day on my own.

I have not had time to check out all the links but I will.

Laurie, I buy Prevention magasine often. Love it. While I'm reading it, I make so many plans. I tell myself I will try this and that etc...Then I put the magasine away and forget. I have to work on that part!!

Love the Weight Watcher idea. They have it around here but the meetings are all at inconvenient times. Like 5:30pm. I'm done work at 4:30 and need to get home because my mother-in-law watches my boys until 5:00pm and then she's off to Bingo. It doesn't even give me enough time to go home, prepare supper for them and come back.

I really would like to find on-line support. So....I will read through the links you've all sent me and I will decide what will suit my needs.

Thanks again and have a great day all!!!
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If you're not into "plans", then the suggestions from LisaV are the ones to go with. I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off for 5 years, all with just making my own adjustments as I went along and saw what made me feel better. I lost the first 30 in about 6 months with a radical change in diet and going to the gym 6 days a week. The next 10 came off when I quit eating so much processed foods and tried to eat mostly whole foods. The last 10 was a combination of upping my exercise exertion from low impact aerobics and walking to jogging, and also some medication for a health problem, both of which have affected my appetite (the meds and the problem, I mean). Due to my health issues, I don't exercise a lot, maybe once or twice a week, but I do have a fairly active job and we are renovating our house right now, so I do manage to expend some calories

In the process of switching to mostly whole foods, I got over my fear of fat. I eat butter, eggs, full fat mayo, sour cream and cheese, beef, pork, chicken with skin, nuts, all those things that "dieters" are supposed to avoid. But I found that these foods satisfied me with less calories and stopped my cravings, whereas eating "diet" foods like cereal bars, low fat yogurt, reduced fat cookies, etc. would just make me hungrier, not to mention all the weird fats, starches and preservatives that they use to make low-fat foods and stuff that can sit on the shelf for a year. Of course I also eat lots of whole grains, vegetables and fruits, things that are *naturally* low fat, as opposed to things that have been made into low-fat versions of regular foods. Don't get me wrong - there's nothing wrong with skim milk, for example, except that whole milk satisifes my hunger better. But low-fat sour cream has all kinds of refined starches and gums and stuff that I think triggers my appetite just like a rice cake would.

If you find you have cravings for sweets, you might have a very sensitive insulin system, like I do. Mine is so sensitive that even just the sweet flavour of diet cola can trigger an insulin release in me, making my blood sugar drop and I get very hungry and weak. The same thing happens when I eat just carbs. Now I make sure I have carbs, protein and fat in every snack and meal I eat, so that my blood sugar stays calm. Water, fibre and exercise also help this.

Sorry I've yakked on for so long about this, but I know the struggle you are going through, and just want to help. Good luck!
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Julie....Thank you so much. You are helping me. I enjoy getting advice and it seems to give me the push I need at times.

By the way.....50 pounds? Way to go!!!!!
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Ghyslaine, I need to lose 23 lbs. I have lost alot since I had the baby 8 weeks ago, but not all of it. I need to focus on trying to lose the weight, but I just keep making excuses..."I need my strength for taking care of a baby" "If I diet, my milk will dry up, the doctor said I need extra calories to produce milk...(did he mean a large pizza with everything??? )" "My uterus probably hasn't shrunken back up yet, that's why I look a little heavy"

I have made every excuse in the book to not lose the rest of this weight yet...it sucks. I hate my body. I hate being fat. But it is so hard!!!!!! I barely have time to be on here, let alone time to exercise!!

I have heard that the Weight Watchers "points" thing is really good...I would love to try it, but I wish there was a way to find out what the "points" were, and what foods had how many points, and how many points I could have per day, ect, ect, without actually joining weight watchers. (I can't afford it)

If you need a partner in this, just for support, let me know. I don't know how much help I would be, but I need to lose weight as well, and having someone to talk to about it would be very helpful!!!
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Girls, I have all the weight watchers stuff. I'd be willing to help anyone out that wants it.

Just email me at ddtolle75@earthlink.net and I'll set you up if you like .

Just note, I do WW at home...no meetings. I had a friend who helped me get started, got me all the materials and off I went. Lost 35 lobs in about 3 months, and now I'm trying to lose about 10 more. i go to the gym 3 times a week most of the time and it really helps.

I can photocopy the stuff, and hook you up to where you can get the point evaluations on your own.
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Just sent you an e-mail, I would love more info on this! Thanks!!
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Debby, I would love a partner/partners!

It would be great if we could come up with a support system of our own. We have so many wonderful/helpful people here that I am sure we could motivate one another.

Ady is a great help also. I get regular "be good" emails from her and it seems to keep me on my toes most of the time.

Here's my email, if you are interested in starting something up: smeall@datacom.ca or if you have any ideas as to how we can benefit one another.

P.S. I wouldn't be so hard on myself if I were you though, you did just have a baby. And yes, when you breast feed, you need extra calories. It's just choosing the right ones that is hard to do at times. Myself....my baby is 4, I don't think I have any excuses left that i can use anymore. Now, it's all up to me to smarten up.

Daniela, I just sent you an email also! Thanks!!!
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Just got both of your emails. I replied w/ a little info, and once we get started I'll send more stuff along to you. Check your inboxes gals!!
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Thanks Daniela! I sent you an e-mail back! I really appreciate your help! I don't have my printer hooked up to print out the points system, I have never even used my printer, but maybe I can figure it out one of these days so I can print this information off. Or if you get a chance maybe you could print it off and mail it to me. Or I could send you a stamped envelope. I am really excited about trying this!!!

Kim, I did the Atkins diet a few years ago, but I wasn't allowed any pasta or bread, just meat, eggs, cheese and a few veggies, the ones with low carbs. I did lose a little weight on it, but heard it wasn't very healthy. They may have changed it now, though, it has been awhile. I will check out the site you mentioned, just to see what it is like! Thanks!
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Ghyslaine, maybe instead of e-mailing each other, we could just have a weight loss support group thread here, and then everyone could join in!! That would be great!!!
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Thanks for all the info! I am just not sure now if I should do the weight watchers or the low carb diet. I think I will try weight watchers first, then if that isn't working well for me, I can try the low carb.
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Debby, do not try the Atkins low carb while breast feeding. In fact, its not a healthy way to lose weight at all. With WW you can eat whatever you want, just in smaller portions. So you won't be robbing yourself of any nutrients or fats or protein.

I'm having a crazy day and havent' time to respond to emails, but I haven't forgotten you!! I'll try to send you more info later on today, or at the latest tomorrow.
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I have to agree with Daniela. I am suspicious of any diet which greatly restricts one type of food. What do you do when you start eating carbs again? That is the problem with diets. You eat the "program" and then when you go back to regular eating, you gain back the weight.

I lost over 20 pounds on Weight Watchers, then I lost my motivation and did not continue, although I wanted to lose 10 more. I maintained that weight loss for 2 years. I am back on WW now since I gained back 15 pounds (new job last year), I am determined to stay until I reach my goal.

Weight Watchers does offer their program online, for those of you who can't make meetings or who live too far from one. It really does work, you learn how to eat more healthfully, and I learned that exercise is actually fun, not torture. Count me in on the weight loss support thread, I need the motivation.
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I think I better just stick to the weight watchers diet and not the low carb....I am having a hard enough time keeping my milk supply up now that I have returned to work...I am producing much less than I was and fear I may stop altogether. I do pump on lunch break, but that is all I have time for (we only get two 7 min. breaks other than lunch, which is only 20 min.) I am still trying to breastfeed her in the evenings, nights, mornings and weekends, but it is hard since I don't have as much. Sometimes I have to finish her with the bottle because she didn't get enough. So.....I don't want to do anything to make it any worse. I may even wait a bit to try the weight watchers, just until I see if I can get my milk supply back up, because the lactation consultant said I need as many calories as I can get right now. But I will try it very very soon!!!! I received the points calculator from you, Daniela, and have saved it! I can't wait to try it!!! Thanks soooooo much!!!!
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Forget the low/no carb diet Debby - I bought the book and tried it recently and was very disappointed. Maybe it works for some people but didn't do anything for me. It just doesn't feel right - not normal. Anyway, it's seems that it would be out of the question for you at the moment anyway after reading that article.

Good luck guys - this thread should help keep you on track!
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Hi Debby -

Ewwww! I really feel terrible that my Atkins post has turned into a health warning . I truly meant no harm to anyone by posting something so controversial.

I know that this diet is not for everybody; hence; my doctor is working closely with me, monitoring my blood work, etc… Honestly, I don't feel I could do this without my Doctor's guidance.

This thread originally started off with Whisker's asking us if anyone had any good advice or weight loss support sites to help her capture the motivation she's looking for. So, I posted my opinion based on that question.

Most important, I don't want you or anyone to think that I would recommend anything unhealthy to you, especially since I know you are a breast feeding mommy.

Even though I haven't been a member for as long as the most of your friends, I want you to know that I think the world of you!! I had a ball trying to come up with baby names and was on pins and needles when you gave birth to your beautiful baby, Amber Danielle.

I sincerely apologize if I have stirred up anything negative. I LOVE the catsite too much to upset any of you! I will go delete both of my threads on Atkins.

I'm sticking to "Cat Topics" only from now on...:eye&mouth

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Hey Kimward, I'm not Debby but I had to say no apologies needed!! You were just contributing a weight loss idea, you did nothing wrong!!

And I'm not sure if you have kids or not, but I know that sometimes people who don't have children may not be aware of some of the risks for a breastfeeding mom. I know before I had my kids I was completely clueless!!

Anyway, don't just stick to cat topics, jump in on EVERYTHING!!!!!
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LOL! Thanks Daniela.......

I just wanted to make sure that the wrong message wasn't being sent out. I still have a lot to learn about this diet and I didn't want to come off as a "Low-Carb-Know-It-All" and pass on bad advise to anyone...

Actually, I do have an 11 year son. I remember, while breast feeding, the anxiety I felt, wondering how on earth I was going lose my "Post Pregnancy Weight" .

Needless to say, Jenny Craig became my good-ole' buddy. She's one seriously expensive buddy, LOL! I also recall how much I adored my counselor on that diet...she really saved my sanity by "just being there" for support.

I think the WW is great too, because it offers local support, not to mention, they have a very informative web site.

I truly believe that having a positive support system while trying to shed a few unwanted pounds, is majority of one's success.

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Ack!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooo depressed!!!!!! Pete got some photos developed (I hate having my photo taken) and there are pictures of me in them!!!!!! I look huge! Obese!!! I am so upset, Since Mum died and health problems etc I haven't really been noticing the weight creep on, I was feeling self consious and that but had no idea I was this big!!!!! I am in tears, I hate myself!!!!
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Oh Bundylee Bundylee Bundylee - <-----Sending Hug Your Way!!
I know that shocked feeling! However, it breaks my heart that you are beating yourself up so badly. I know you said that you hate yourself today...but you must find a way to NOT hate yourself or changing what's wrong will be depressing and difficult. (Don't force me to send you my before pictures...coz' I will, mate!! <Grin>)

You know, I just started my diet 1 week ago....I am now on week 2. I don't know how much you need to lose, but I need to lose 45 lbs. That should be enough weight off of my body for people to quit telling me I look just like Rosie O'Donnell...(Rosie with the longer hair, not her new short doo)...We can do this together, you know!!! HEY! I just got started and I don't have a buddy to bat things around with if I needed to!!!

We must make lemonade out of lemons...I look at it this way, it may take a while to lose, but look how long took me to gain it? My first goal is to simply be healthy...my heart needs exercise after the many years sitting in front of this computer. I think my butt is shaped like my office chair because I spend so many hours designing on the computer...LOL!! By focusing on Getting HEALTHY first, you'll reap the benefits of weight loss as a major bonus!!

We can make this an interesting journey!! You have me and a pile of other catsite friends that will support you! We can support each other! Look how well we did with Amy's pregnancy - Gosh I feel like she's my GodCat, I got so involved!! (Loved every minute of it)

Here's a thought, with your humor and my bad puns...we can twist this journey into something positive and fun together....not to mention, there are folks already in here wanting to do the same thing.

If you want to e-mail me, here's my address: Kim@spearswardco.com

I'm here for ya Bundylee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. How the heck did you get so many posts!!LOL! You sailed right passed me..wasn't it just recently that we both celebrating our 200 mark!! <grin>
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