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Twitchy Tail!

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Hi everyone,

This might sound like a weird question but heck i'll ask anyway. Dee Dee is 57 days pregnant now and everything is progressing well. She is really blooming now! But i have noticed over the last few days that she holds her tail in a funny way when she is standing still. Its a bit hard to explain but i'll try. If u imagine a horse when its about to go to the loo and it lifts its tail right at the base, this is what she is doing and it twitches alot too. Is this normal behaviour? Maybe it is i'm not sure. Just thought i'd ask. Other than that she is very healthy if a little uncomfortable now.
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Skittles had the same thing and she gave birth I want to say within a week. I never found oout why she did it. I just recall it was at least 2 days away from birth but could be a week. I dont recall.
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She has been doing this for a few days now. She has been aggitated aswell over the last 24 hours. Spent alot of time under my bed yesterday evening which isnt like her. Today she is nesting on and off and clawing the furniture. How long are the very first stages of labour before birthing begins? I say sge is 57 days but it is highly possible she is further along than that. I'm just counting back from when i noticed changes to her nipples.

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WOW she sounds like she can be close. First stages can be hours I personally feel Skittles took 2 days. I do know the mom can hold off having her litter if she is scared or uncomfortable. Try locking her in a quiet room with soft bedding.
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anne is doing the twitchy thing i have seen since y/day more so when she is laying down. she still has about 2 weeks to go yet , so im hopeing it has nothing to do with going into prem labour.
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I did not know Anne was pregnant. little babies soon with pictures. HEHEHE
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anne is the new one who i have had nearly 2 weeks now. im just about to reply in a thread i made before , it explains things.
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well i'm glad it's normal behaviour. I did call the vet before closing today anyway to get the emergency number just incase anything happens over the weekend and i mentioned it while i was on the phone. They said all the signs sound like shes not far off at all. So i'll keep u posted!!
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ooooooo babies are on the way. Let us know. I have a thread called Skittles having babies if you want to read thru it to get some help or video. Best advice stay calm
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I have read most of your thread, its HUGE!! lol didnt see the video though. Will take another look. She seems very settled right now. She's on my bed with my boy Simba receiving some well deserved grooming and attention. I won't sleep a wink tonight!!
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If you dont see it let me know and I will try to post it there for youi again.
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could u post it for me, i did look and couldnt find it xx
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