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Is she really feral, HELP!!!

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Okay - little grey girl feral is VERY sweet.

She appears box trained!!! She meows at me, purrs for me, comes out from under the bed in her room (where I put her to calm down after trapping & rescuing her from the sewers where she spent 11 dyas...) So my question is she really feral?

Or did I get a cat that belongs to someone? My feral colony lives under the shed - and I used to see her with them all the time. I THOUGHT she was the sister of Brave and Valiant - she looked exactly like them (or Brave anyway).

Now I am wondering, did I steal someone's cat?

How do I know? She appears box trained, she's friendly after a few minutes she comes out from under her bed for pets, scritches and chasing of toy wand...She purrs a storm, and loves petting...She sits in my lap, meows at me and has conversations...

She seemed well cared for, BUT I THINK she may be in the WAY early stages of pregnancy. And I have a vet apt for spay next week. But my question remains -

Should I try to put her in adoption program if she is friendly? Or Should I return to Carradoc Hall where her "buddies" are, and where she MIGHT have a home nearby??

I can't keep her as indoor at my house, too many cats, LOL. But I hate to put her out if she's got potential to go to a GOOD home.

And I cant help but think if she was owned her owners must be stupid not to have spayed her. If she's Brave and Valiant's age, then she's only 6 months old!! Way to young to have kittens on her own...

What should I do (apart from the kitty spay/abort if necessary?)

Advice from people with more exprience would be great!!
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Spay/foster her as you would a homeless stray/feral, and put up posters in the neighborhood. It also is a good idea to hand out the same flyers to local area vets.

And when you take her to the vet, make sure you have them scan her for the internal ID tag.

If you don't hear back from anyone.... then it's almost the same flyer for rehoming her.

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Not an expert in this at all, but my instinct says that if she's at all people-friendly then if you possibly can, you should give her the best chance of a good, long, comfortable and healthy life and try to find her a nice safe indoor home with laps to sit on and purr. It sounds as if she's been loved at some time in the past, poor lass.
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You shall not put her back in the living homeless. Either she is semiferal, or once belonged, is she surely a typical cat who is to be taken in and given home.
So there is no alterntives. She is a typical homecat. (possibly partly because of the early pregnancy, but who cares? All the ways leads to Rome.)

What alternatives are, if you shall make yourself the trouble to try to find her ex-owners. If she went astray they miss her.
Set up flyers at message boards in this area, etc.
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Sits on your lap this early? She's no feral! She sounds like she's used to people, which is why she's so friendly quickly. A feral would be SUPER defensive and hiding a lot because they've had no human contact, so they would see humans as dangerous. Just do your part and put up "Found Cat" flyers in your neighborhood. If no one claims her then you've got yourself a very friendly, sweet and cuddly cat!
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While some feral cats will go against all odds and immediately bond with people (I've had a few do that), most ferals would not be that friendly to you after 6 months on their own. My guess is that she had a home once, and deserves a home again.
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Thanks all! She's definitely was / is someone's cat ... BUT... she's preggers, about 6 months old and definitely NOT an indoor only. My guess is someone let her out, she got lost. OTW someone dumped her. She's a VERY sweet girl... shy but sweet.

Her spay is set for March 12, and she will stay with me. Please pray my coworker who has been talking about it, takes her! Otherwise, I'd have to release her to hang with the ferals at Carradoc. Now, if she DID have a home there, she'd head to it. My thought was she got out, got lost and hangs there or at the garden shoppe, because she IS friendly and they
"take care" of her and the other friendly gal (also a fluffy). But of course they would not provide medical... as I am.

Because the neighborhoods are so far away, and there is a warren of sewers through which she could have wandered AND she survived 11 days of ice storms and bad weather down the sewers by my house, I assume she's learned to live in sewers, but is still friendly to people....

We will work our very best to get her a home, so she doesn't have to go back to carradoc & her feral buddies. And we will DEFINITELY spay this poor girl.

She's been named Storm Cloud, because of her blue grey color and lovely disposition, and because we found her on a stormy day, and trapped her in the rain, LOL!!

Everyone stay tunned and PRAY my coworker takes a shine to her??

Thanks all!!
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Sending vibes your co-worker falls in love and makes a good meowmy for her!

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Sending good vibes and prayers that this little gal gets a great home!!
She doesn't sound feral. She sounds like a wonderful kitty for a loving home! Keep us posted!
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l..Awwww, blue cats are lovely and beautiful. I really hope you can find her a home, a cat that is not afraid of humans needs to have a chance at a good home. (well they all need a chance in life, friendly or not, in a home or a sanctuary or even just cared for on the street, but you know what I mean!)
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