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I'm so excited! (New digi camera)

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A few months ago I won a $250 gift certificate to Ritz Camera for a photo contest I entered. I've always owned regular point and shoot digital cameras and I've been drooling over the more professional (and expensive) DSLR cameras.

Now that I had $250 burning a hole in my pocket, I decided I had to go for it. A few weeks ago I bought a Canon Digital Rebel XTi, but there is a bunch more stuff to get to get started. I bought a memory card and I still have to buy a lens, filters, and a camera bag to get started. I finally decided on the first lens I'm going to buy and I am going to the store to order it today.

After I finish getting everything, I will have spent around $1250 - $250 gift certificate. That $250 gift certificate cost me $1000!!!

Anyway, hopefully next week I'll have my lens and I will have some great pictures of my cats to share. They will be my test subjects while I am practicing.
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how exciting -cant wait to see the practise photos - I bet they will be just fantastic
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Cool! Ritz Camera is a great store, and they do good prints as well. I got my 35mm camera from them last summer, and I love it!
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Sound great, look forward to seeing lots of pictures
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Wow that's awesome!! I want a new digital camera really bad. Mine is over 3 years old and I just accidentally broke part of it. I will probably wait until Christmas and ask for a new one.
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