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I broke my wrist!

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I was going to ride with my co-worker yesturday since we car pool. I walked down to my mailbox like usual, and saw sdome ice and avoided it. However, I fell anyway. It must have been black ice! I fell, and reached my left hand out to catch myself and landed right on the sidewalk. It felt funny at first, but I thought it might go away. My co-worker came and was concerned. She told me to have it checked out, so I called our boss, explained what happened, then came back upstairs and called Scott. Thankfully he wasn't far away and came right back. We live about a half mile from the hospital. They applied ice, and took xrays. I've never broken or sprained anything, so I had no idea what either felt like. All the nurses and the xray lady said they thought it was broken. Well, it was! I sure did a number on it too! I broke both bones! They are pushed together, and pushed up into those smaller bones! Has anyone ever experienced something like this before?

I am now concerned about performing my job. I do most things with my right hand, except write (although I can manage with my right, its really hard and really slow). My job requires the use of both hands.

A lady called me yesturday for an interview at a different job. I told her what happened and she wanted me to interview today or Monday. I can't Monday because that's when I get my cast on, so I set it up for today, but I can't drive due to the painkillers, so I emailed her and told her we would have to set it up for sometime next week. Do you think I lost my chances?

PS The kitties definitely know there is something wrong with Mommy.
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Did the docs put a temp cast on it??? My mom broke her wrist a few years ago by tripping on one of the concrete things that are in some parking lots (it was their apartment complex) We went through a fair amount of physical therapy to regain strength and motion in her wrist.
Good luck with your healing process and the job interviews!!
BTW where about are you in Wisconsin?? I'm between Appleton and Green Bay!!
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Oh my, thats so annoying especially when you thought you were avoiding the ice Its real difficult but its not your fault you cant use your hand, can you maybe offer to do some other work while you have the cast on - sorry I dont know what you do, so that might sound really stupid - but just a thought ?

I am sure the lady about your interview will understand - again you didnt fall on purpose, can you still go on Monday but maybe earlier or later to fit around your cast appointment ?

Heres sending some soothing get well soon ((((( vibes )))))

Keep us posted about the interview - good luck !
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OUCH I hope you mend quickly...I hope your work is considerate of your injury
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I live in Waukesha. I thought the bad weather was behind us, guess not.

I do have a temp cast on that won't interfere with swelling.

I work at a corporate daycare. I tried calling the bosses, but they were in meetings all day. Our administrative assistant was going to give them the updates.

From what I read online, their interview thakes up most of your day, so maybe a 1:45pm appointment interferes with that. I thought about just taking ibprofen, but its really noticeable when my pain killers wear off, so I won't.

I feel so helpless, and even had Scott scoop the litter boxes last night. It was also hard filling their water dish 1 handed. Summer looks at my arm like its from outerspace, but still comes up for lots of love.
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You are going to get dumped on with snow too!! I should ask my mom how long where wrist healing/pt went on-it seemed like a really long time she did pt I think3-4 times/week-hers was a bad break-you will have to ask the docs on monday when youget the permanent cast on.
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Yeah, I know we'll get more snow tomorrow. My family lives in Green Bay and north of.

I don't know how much PT I'll need. I'm sure the orthopedic doc will tell me more on Monday. I know most peple don't break both bones lik I did either. I'm hoping I won't need surgery. They only told me I would need a cast for 6 to 8 weeks so far.
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That is awful - I feel for you. I did the same thing three years ago - I was riding in bad weather and was very very careful. I came back into the paddock, dismounted, took one step and went flying on ice. Riding boots have no purchase at all. I was in plaster for 6 weeks, my right wrist, fortunately I am left handed but I couldn't drive or use the computer for ages. And it hurt horribly. It still does, actually, especially in bad weather, and I have very little strength in it despite physiotherapy. So good luck with the healing process. It was the first thing I ever broke in my life too.
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Oh I'm so sorry! I have broken a toe before, and I know how painful that is! Hopefully the interviewers will be understanding about it! Healing vibes and good luck on the job interview vibes coming your way }}}}}}}}}}}
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That's a shame! I've managed to break my left wrist a couple of times (don't ask). The worst things are the itching from the cast, and having to get other people to cut your food or tie your shoelaces. Good luck - hopefully you won't require surgery or PT.
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Oh man, that must hurt..A broken wrist is the one broken bone I fear the most..Does it hurt alot? I hope not
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Wow, poor you!! I've never broken anything except my toe. (That's what I get for kicking someone!) I feel for you, I hope that it doesn't ruin your chances for either job and I think that they should both understand, it's something that happens to people! And you'll heal!
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It does hurt a lot! However, I heard it's better once I get the cast on. I've been resting a lot and the kitties won't leave me alone!!!! I'll find out more on Monday, but from what I hear, everyone with this type of injury requires at least some physical therapy.

Thanks for all of the support!
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