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Someone just dumped a declawed kitty in our driveway! I didn't get the license number or anything, they sped away and I was more concerned with the frightened cat in my driveway. I was able to scoop her up (expecting to be clawed) and that is when I discovered she has been recently declawed She also shows signs of being in a fight- so my guess is her owners got her declawed, she developed some behavior issues because of it and they decided she was more trouble then she is worth!

She is older (I would guess 5 maybe more) and a really pretty gray, orange and white. Thankfully my friend Esther who only takes declawed kitties will come by tonight and pick her up. She would not be safe with my crew. But in the meantime she is upstairs yowling and has been medicated- I started her on antibiotics and ointment for her eye. The poor kitty- can you imagine if I hadn't been able to catch her and she had to be outside with NO protection??? What the hell are people thinking sometimes??????????
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That is just it! They don't think!

Thank goodness you got her in side. I hope she will be ok.
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I don't understand it at all either. At least they got her to a safe place, and didn't just dump her out on the highway or something worse. Poor girl. She's safe now, and I'm glad your friend will take her in. She'll have a much better life now.
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Thats sad, but at least you were able to capture her. She'll do fine with your friend, and hopefully will find a good loving home for her to live out the rest of her years in.
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I wonder how well those nonthinking idiots could take care of themselves if they had their hands amputated and their teeth all pulled out. I'm so glad the Father sent her to you. She will be safe now.
Blessed be hissy.

Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy (formerly Little Bit)
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Last winter my husband found a cat around our apartment who had been dropped. She was declawed. My husband opened the door up and saw her huddled under a bush. She just trotted right in and laid down in the middle of the floor like she owned the place.

She was the most precious little thing ever. We called her Callie. We kept her for about 2 weeks to make sure she did not have an owner. We put an ad in the paper and called local vet offices to post her upon the boards for lost/found animals.

No one claimed her so we found her a great home with a friend of mine. I wish we would have kept her, it broke my heart to part with her. I just couldn't believe that someone could just drop an animal like that, especially when it was about 30 degrees out with 3 inches of snow.
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It never ceases to amaze me what people do anymore.

New kitty is now with my friend Esther. Esther is an elderly women who now has 8 declawed kitties. So I know Jessie her temporary name- will be fine.
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Please keep us informed about the cat's progress with Esther.

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I know that declawing is a really controversial procedure. And that it is done to suit the cat owners. I cannot understand the cruelty of doing this to a mature cat! At least a small kitten will have had a chance to learn things as she grows up with no claws. But a mature cat! I think that this is unconscienable.

My cat Sam is declawed - and was when we adopted him at age 5. I think that I will always look for a mature declawed cat to adopt, because they need special care. It breaks my heart to see them at the shelter, with everyone fussing over the babies.
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I think that no matter what the age, whether is 5 weeks or 5 years its horrible to declaw a cat. Its cruel and unusual punishment for them, no matter if they are a kitten or adult.
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After all is said and done -how horrible it may be - we do have to thank god that whoever this person is had the sense to "dump" the kitty in the best possible place - Hissy's driveway!!

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Yup. Grrrrrrrrrrr. So many people are just thoughtless. The question isn't "what are they thinking?" The problem is they aren't. They just don't think about declawing as having their fingers chopped off at the first knuckle. And they don't think about being placed in a den of lions without protection.

But the kind hearted people of this world are here to help those in need because of those who don't think.

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Hissy - I just don't know what to say, except God bless you and Esther! I hope that Jessie has a long and happy life now.
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I don't know what to say.....these people who dumped this cat at your doorstep are absolute jerks, but yet I am glad they picked you, as opposed to just throwing the kitten away anywhere, because at least you will help find the poor thing a home!!! The very thought of anyone declawing their cat makes my blood boil!!!

Please keep us posted on how Esther does with Jessie. And bless your heart for yet again saving a cat!!!
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I agree with you. I cannot understand anyone having their cat declawed. My sister, unfortunaltly, believes in this. She is having her latest cat "Zeb" declawed this coming week. (Someone dumped Zeb on the country road by her house and she has taken him in. I am pleased and grateful to her for that.) But I have talked, begged, pleaded and yelled to try to change her mind about the declawing. I refused to drive her and Zeb to the vets. Her other 3 cats are declawed and she says she does not want to take a chance on Zeb hurting one of them nor does she want him clawing the furniture. I even accused her of being too lazy to clip his claws weekly. The air is blue between us over this. I think it would be like having your fingers cut off. Of my group Nikkie is the one with the CLAWS. His are huge and long and I clip them weekly. Yes I have to watch him around the furniture. He does not like the scratching post for what ever reason. So he uses the back of the chair in front of my computer. It was an old chair to begin with and he knows that he can use it. He will, once in a while, attack the couch but it seems to be more like a game between him and me because he always looks to see if I'm watching before he does it. A couple of stern nos and he saunters away looking at me over his shoulder with what I swear is a smirk on his face. "He is letting me have my way about the situation"!!! The others prefer the scratching post although Luckie will once in a while use the back of my chair, more to harrass Nikkie than because he likes it. I don't see any way to change my sister's mind and while I love her dearly I may not be speaking to her for awhile over this because I really believe that she is wrong.
I so hope that Jessie has a long, long, wonderful life.

Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy
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How is the kitty doing now, Hissy? I hope all is well.
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I have never heard of this declawing...it sounds terrible!!
That poor cat
Well at least she is in good hands now and will be much better cared for and have a better life now
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