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chewing then spitting or dropping food.IS SHE LOOSING APPETITE?

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my himalayan 5 years-Pillo is used to being hand fed her dry food.
which i mean i put each biscuit thing into her mouth and she eats it.
she eats two kinds of food Iams fish adult and Science diet Hairball control light.
recently i have stopped hand feeding her, hoping that she will eat on her own and break the habit.
But now i have started hand feeding her again.
i have noticed that when i feed her she chews and little bits of food falls out of her mouth and saliva.
and sometimes she spits the food out
IS this loss of appetite?
Why is this happening?

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Loss of appetite means they pretty much refuse food all together. Have you checked her teeth? If there's teeth problems it can make it painful for kitties to chew.
How did she get into this hand fed only habit, did you start it with her as a kitten?
Have you tried wet food? If so, will she eat this on her own? If not, that might encourage her to do so. Maybe try raising the food bowl up a few inches as well.

Iams and science diet aren't considered the best of foods, maybe it's time to try something better and see if that encourages her. There are a lot of great dry food discussions in the heath and nutrition section.

Just saw this in another thread
Originally Posted by appleseed_1 View Post
Pillo has a big gunk of yellow stuff on her side teeth (its not food)
Schedule her in with the vet for a teeth cleaning, hopefully it's just buildup and there's no bad teeth.
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dear strange_wings
thankyou for your reply
no she hasnt stopped eating all together. now she is only eating science diet, by her self.
i started hand feeding her when she was small. i was trying to teach her tricks so i fed her. she got used to it and meows alot if i dont.
when she eats wet food she gets diorea.
do you have reconmendations on good dry food brands?

Is it a good idea to get her teeth cleaned?
How often should she get it cleaned?

pillo had one a few years ago.i think my vet said that its dangerous to put a cat on anesthetic and its not good to do it i necessary.

Many thanks!
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Defiantly go for the pre-anesthetic blood test. As for how safe it is, there's always a risk but you're also risking your cat's health if she has a bad tooth. Their teeth should be cleaned when there's buildup, your vet should regularly check your cats teeth when you bring them in.
You can get pet tooth paste and tooth brushes and brush their teeth to help keep the plaque and tarter from building up, just like we do for our teeth.

Give your kitty more wet food. If she loves it and eats it on her own this should help her break the habit of needing you to hand feed her.
As for dry foods, I haven't tried as many brands as some people have. Because my cat Sho seems to have problems with foods that contain corn it's ruled out a lot of options.
I have fed Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul, it's a feed store (farm/live stock supply stores) brand, the price isn't too bad. Other people have a lot of luck with Nutro. I think I'm the only person using Caster &Pollux (petco brand), it's a bit $$$. Ask over in the Health and Nutrition section or do a quick search, there are plenty of really great suggestions for dry and wet foods over there.
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