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Can I get some safe flight vibes?

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Taking off tommrow for AZ with mark and roger. i am not to keen on flying. so can i get some happy good thoughts for a safe flight.
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Sending you safe flight vibes. Arizona is wonderful!! I hope you have a really good time.
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May you have a safe and uneventful trip.
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sending lots of happy thoughts, safe take off, flight and landing vibes your way from all the way over here :o)
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Safe flight and landing vibes. Have fun.
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Flying's still lots safer than driving, hope you have a great trip.
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thanks everyone. vibes are good good good.chocolate thats what i am gonna take with for comfort.
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AZ is so gorgeous! I hope to buy land there someday and retire there.

Many, many safe flying vibes flying over to you right this minute!
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How is the weather going to be for you tomorrow for your flight???
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I don't like flying either. Lots of safe flight vibes for you
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lots of safe & calm flying ((((( vibes ))))) coming your way !
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Safe flying vibes.....
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I'm a chicken flyer too.......but you'll be fine, you'll see! It'll be over with before you know it! I love AZ by the way! Take lots of pics for us!
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