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Grrrrrrrrrrrr....i Hate Dialup!!!!!

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It's taking me forever to open, flip pages, and respond!!!!! It's sooooo slow!!! I can't get high speed thru the phone cause MTS hasn't made it this far yet. And I won't pay to get it thru satelite cause the price is just too expensive. Cable isn't an option cause we don't have cable...we have farmer vision or satelite.

I just get sooooo frustrated. I've purchase Quicktax but the dl instead of the disk coming in the mail....It's taken me almost 2 1/2 hours and I'm only at 69% I just hope and pray I dont lose my internet connection.

Sorry all I just had to vent. At least at work I can browse quickly.
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I'm so sorry. I had to help my BIL set up a new machine and I'd forgotten how slow dial-up was.
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Oh man, dial-up is such a pain. I would seriously rethink using the computer at home... I'd use my breaks and lunch to surf at work!

Hope you find a good alternative soon.
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We have dial up at work and it drives me insane. We have dsl at home so when I am on at work, I want to cry!
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I keep the site up and running in the back while I'm at work, but I feel guilty ~blush~ I figured I was online anyways (dl quicktax) but I just can't view fast enough. It's kinda funny cause all these notice emails are popping up in the bottom corner and I can't get the page to load the main menu..ROFL...OH well I'll just have to stick with being happy while at work...its still the slow time...its when it gets busy - will I get forgotten :o(
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A friend of mine has dial up, it is so slow.

We have dsl through our phone company.
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I hate Dial Up too!!! I am so glad that I don't have to deal with it anymore! Just got my boss to get it too!
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We have dial up too-while cable is available on our road-its not an option for our house.
I bought turbo tax and haven't installed it-the updates from the website take forever!!!!!!
I hardly ever look at pics on this site due to the long loading time!!
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Ugh I know the dial up feeling. I can't get cable at my house either. Our driveway is too long! Oh well. We don't have a computer at home for that reason. Ican't stand slow internet!
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I remember having dial-up a couple of years ago. It was horrible! I will never ever go back.
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I can sympathize. It's all I can afford at the time so I've learned to live with it.
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I sympathise. I've not had dial up for years but am about to change broadband provider so will have to revert to my old dial up account while that's sorted out. Not looking forward to it at all
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I am on dial up too The closest cable is 8 miles. And satelite is just too expensive and I would have to also pay for an upgrade. Thru the phone company is out of the question because our system here is so state of the art that the rotary dial phone in the barn is the most reliable.
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