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Hi from a new member

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My family just adopted a new kitten. Sicne she's an orange tabby my daughter named her pumpkin. We already have a beagle named Sammi and a pug named Trikki (my baby).

Pumpkin is keeping us all very entertained with her kitten tricks. She does have one habit that I'd love to know if other kittens/cats do and if anyone knows why she does it.

She'll climb your chest and get right in your face. She then pushes her nose (and as much of her head as possible- but the nose is definitely in the lead) into your nose. She pushes hard enough that my head goes back a little. If you let her she'll do this over and over again.

Has anyone ever had their cats do this?
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Hello Patrice100, and welcome to you and Pumpkin. I love her name-my dad has a cat named Pumpkin, too.

My cat Ivo will stick her nose right up to mine, but she doesn't push my head back. She just likes sniffing whatever is in there Aren't cats and their little quirks fun?

I hope you find this place as friendly and helpful as I have. Hope to be hearing from you soon!

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One of my kittens will do that sometimes. It's her way of letting me know she wants her face and head rubbed.
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Awww, Pumpkin sounds so sweet! That's a cute little quirk she's got there. We'd love to see pictures if you can post any!

Oh, and Welcome! :tounge2:
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Hi Patrice

Welcome. Hope to hear more about your kitty adventures very soon.
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It's nice to hear that Pumpkin's a nice normal kitty.

I'm a little computer illiterate when it comes to getting pictures on the computer, but once I figure it out I'll post a picture of Pumpkin and maybe all my "babies"
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Welcome Patrice! Pumpkin sounds like a real sweety. They all have little quirks. Part of why we love them so much.

Pics are a bit of a challenge around here. LOL If you go into The Cat Lounge, under the sticky "Our super-duper important threads" (or something like that) there is a thread in there called "Your Computer Questions...Answered" There are a lot of questions in there that you may find helpful to you, but one of the big things discussed is how to post pictures. It truly is a nemesis of some here, so you aren't alone. And feel free to ask any computer questions there, too, whether or not they are related to this site.

Feel free to jump right in on any or all of our forums. We don't bite here, I promise.
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My babies don't do that, but it's adorable! I love the name, too. You have years of fun ahead of you. Welcome! And be sure to tell us about all of her little tricks.
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