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Brownie went up for adoption today!

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Today Brownie, one of the dogs Colin and i had temporarily taken in to foster went up to the shelter to be placed up for adoption. We had recently taken two dogs in, Digger and Brownie, from one of his friends who was trying to rehome some of the dogs he rescued. Digger has taken really well to Fosters and the kitties and seems to be working out wondrfully with us- so we are keeping him. Brownie we felt would do better with a more slow paced him but we tried to see how he'd work out with us for a few weeks. He would definitely do better in a home with an eldery couple or a family with small children. He's SOOOO laid back and gentle....and just really lazy Definitely a sweetheart though! Just wasn't the right pup for us So today he went up for adoption at the shelter i now work for. So i will be there every day to check on him and make sure he gets an AWESOME new home He did really well when Colin took him in today (i was with my nephew all day so Colin took him) He said he was getting along really well with the staff and other dogs and they all loved him. They renamed him "Colin" since Colin brought him in (he wasn't used to his name anyways so it's ok.) Could ya'll please send some "find a great new home vibes" his way! That would be wonderful! I'll keep ya'll posted on him! Thanks everyone! I just know the perfect family is waiting out there for him! He's such a sweetie pie I would have loved to have kept him- but 3 dogs was just too many for us and he just didn't bond with our other animals/ i know the perfect home is out there for him It also helps that he gets long with other animals and isn't food aggressive to- he's soooooo adoptable! I'll post a link to his profile as soon as they make him one
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Good home vibes coming your way!
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yay! Hope he gets placed soon!
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Thankyou everyone!! I just checked the shelters website a minute ago, his profile isn't posted yet but i'm sure it will be in the next day or two. when they post it i'll show ya'll the link I'm hoping he gets a great new home soon! I'm soo gald i have the new job there- i can keep an eye on him
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Lots of good thoughts for Brownie to find a wonderful forever home.
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{{{Find a good home vibes}}} coming Brownie/Colin's way!!!
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Thanks for the vibes everyone! I'm sure he's going to find a wonderful home! I'd since i'll be working there- i can keep an eye on the handsome little guy and make sure he gets the best home possible!
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Aww best of luck finding him a new home. He sounds like he would be a wonderful dog for the right family.
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