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Very happy...new family member (the four legged kind lol)

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I got a puppy!!

My dad called last night and asked if we wanted a dog because one of his friends was rehoming hers. They don't have as much time for her as she deserves any more so they were looking for a good home. My mom said no at first but we have both been missing having a dog around so she asked him to bring the pup over to see. Well it was love at first sight.

My dad said that it was a male but its turns out that he is a she.
She is soooo cute!! She is a 4 month old black and tan daschund. She looks alot like our dog that we had to have put to sleep a couple years ago named Taz... but he was a mix so he was a little bigger and had longer legs. Her name right now is Spazz (came with it) but we don't like it so we are going to have to change it.
She was a little nervous at first but after my dad and his girlfriend left she started to run around like crazy playing with a squeeky teddy bear that we gave her...she is finally sleeping.

I have never had cats and dogs together (except for when I was little) so I am not really sure how this will go. She is a big sweety and lived with a kitty so she is used to them. She tried to get Moose to play with her but he wasn't having it. All the rest are mad at me right now and are hiding.

How should I go about introducing them? I hope they get used to her...I don't want them to be unhappy.
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Oh, congratulations! You got to love those little daschunds! They're so sweet. Remember, this is a puppy, and she'll get into some trouble on the road to adulthood...much more so than even a kitten, and they're trouble enough!

Puppy kindergarten is a must!

Don't push the introductions too quickly. Plan short, heavily supervised visits...and bring kitties into HER territory at first. Do not allow her to chase the cats...EVER. There will be some growling and hissing from the kitties...perfectly normal. If something looks confrontational at any point, remove puppy back to her "safe" area. Also, offer the kitties some of puppy's used bedding...get them used to her scent. If they begin to lounge on it, that's a good sign. I highly recommend that you crate train her...teach her that her crate is an enjoyable den, and allow the kitties to visit her freely while she's in the crate.

Let us know how she's coming along!
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Daschunds are so cute! I know a couple of mini ones, and they're the sweetest little doggies. They live with their cats and know their place (cats are boss). There's lots of good advice on here about introducing cats & dogs and I'm sure they'll do fine.
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aww congrats!
I just adore puppy love
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Well we had to give the puppy back. She was a good pup but just didn't fit into the household. The cats were all very unhappy (which I expected at first) and the strays/ferals weren't comfortable with it. Pumkin (feral) was rarely around and wouldn't stay out on the back porch to get warm like he usually does and I don't think its fair to them since they have no where else to go. I was very sad to see her go but they found another family for her that I think is better for her. They have 4 kids so she will have kids to run around with and play with to burn off that puppy energy and I think she will be very happy there.
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Aww, that stinks. I guess as long as the pup is happy and your family is as well, thats what is important
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Awww, I'm so sorry. But: you did the right thing and it sounds like the puppy will have great new forever home!!! But that is always sad, to get attached, then realize its not the right fit for your home.
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I am sorry that you had to find the puppy a new home, but maybe the puppy will be happier there. At least I hope so. The poor puppy just needs to find a forever home.
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Yeah, I feel horrible that the little girl had to go from not only 1 home but 2. But the other people found the new home...they know the people. I hope that it works out for her too. My mom cried and I almost did when they came to pick her up to take her. But some things arn't meant to be and its better to find out quickly rather than a few months or a year down the road. I will ask my dad in a few days how she is settling in.
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