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Originally Posted by silentNate View Post
Being one half of a couple on tcs has its advantages - it means we can bump each others threads
So who is your better half?
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of course i feel the same...
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Yup, me too.

(Wondering if this post will go on page two...)

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Yes but more so if it's my cats pics...some people ignore them
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3 pages!

I do agree Mooficat, I remember when I posted last week it too all day before someone replied. I felt like I was on everyone's ignore list that day.
But I went to class, came home and then there were 5-10 replies.
Sometimes I'm just impatient
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Yes but more so if it's my cats pics...some people ignore them
Awwwwwwww, I don't believe that ever happens!!!
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Of course everyone want's to see thier thread go well. It's like a child growing, you watch it like a proud mommy.
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I don't really start alot of threads... I am shy. But yeah when you do start one and no one answers it makes ya feel kind of bad. I don't reply to all threads either though...either I don't know what to say, dont have anything to add or I am not in a very talkative mood that day.
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lol @ lunasmom - so HOW great do you feel now - 4 whole pages!!!

In answer to the questions, yes and yes - I get so excited when people reply - and feel really sad for folks who have 0's

I feel bad because I currently have 20 pages to read and I just KNOW I won't have time to read through all of them!!!

So anyone out there who's threads I haven't read or replied to, there is nothing personal - I would have to give up the day job to get through them all - this is the nicest and chattiest place I have even been priviledged to be a part of!!!!
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Yes, I do but that rarely ever happens that I have more than 1 page. I usually just reply to threads.
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Yes & Yes! Especially when I take pics of places I go to and I post them here and I only get 12 post. ( which half of them are mine) Makes me want to leave the forum. I just feel like I don't have any friends. When other members start a thread they always get 5 pages or more and here I am struggling just to get 2 pages.
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I'm happy if I get at least one doesn't take much to please me I guess.
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OMG - yes! I haven't started too many threads, but only one had any "success" . That was the one: Do you like abandoned buildings? I feel like I am back in 8th grade and didn't get invited to someone's birthday party!
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