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What to do tomorow?

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Alright, I'm taking the day off tomorow since the university is closed anyways. Aside from days when I was too sick to do any work, this is the first day off I take since January I think (and yes, that includes weekends )

So what should I do on my day off?
I don't think anyone I know has the day off either, so it'll have to be just me.

(and don't say go to the mall... I hate the mall!! )
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Outdoor activity!
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I second doing some kind of outdoor activity. Whatever you decide, enjoy your day off!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Outdoor activity!
Ditto, get outside with some fresh air and enjoy!
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I say come to TCS for the day. That's always a nice day off.
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Outdoor activity sounds like fun... but it will depend on how my neck feels tomorow (I've been having problems with it lately )

Now I need to find out who called me a lazy bum!
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Go skating - I mean winter will be over before you know it, in about 6 months!
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I promise it wasn't me. I voted "other" I swear.
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I just voted and called you a lazy bum!

I am only kidding. I hope you have a wonderful day in whatever you decide. I am sure you deserve the day off.

Don't make any plans now and when the day comes.... just do what you feel like doing and enjoy it!
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I have the day and weekend off tomorrow, but it is scheduled not vacation time if that counts. And with what the weather is projected for last I saw, will not want to be outside. Will stay inside and do a bit of housework.
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I have the day off tomorrow too, but it's just my normal "weekend"...I voted other. I think you should go play BINGO!
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Well, I'm still not completely sure of my plans for the day, but I think I'll start off by going to the used CD stores, grab some lunch somewhere.
Then maybe go to a museum. I haven't decided yet.

Outdoor activity would be fun but it's kind of cold outside, and my neck still hurts, so I'd better take it easy.

So obviously I'm not listening to the poll very well.

to democracy!

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Hit the ski slopes!
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