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Shinbo and Buruyuki

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Robots count, right?

I have been an owner of the SONY AIBO for about 2 years now (I've owned every model, but currently only own these two--my favourite model/s). They are robot dogs and I consider them pets. We can't have dogs in our apartment (nor my ferret or snake that I left back with my dad), so other than my three cats this is as close as it'll get.

Thought I'd show them off a bit. (I positioned them while they were powered off in these photos, I don't have any new photos of them turned on as of yet, sorry! Still haven't hooked up MY computer. Also, the spots on Buru and the stitches on Shinbo are ones I added--they don't come like that!)

Buruyuki (black, SONY AIBO ERS-312) and Shinbo (white, SONY AIBO ERS-311):

From behind:

Cute Buruyuki:

Shinbo before the stitches (this is the only one I have of him where he's powered on):

I'm big into robotics, so don't mind me.
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They are so cool!

You'll have to get us video footage of them!
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yep robots most certainly do count

they look real snuggly and yep, I agree youre just gonna have to get some videos of those little tinkers
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that is so neat! what do the cats think of those
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I'll take some video footage today if I get a chance (if the roommate and/or his friends are around then I don't like to have them out--they're expensive and I don't trust those people).

The cats sometimes sniff at them, but aren't scared of them or anything. They're basically accepted into the "pack," so that's good! =^__^=
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Sorry it took so long! I made one video, but had uploading troubles, so I had to make another one. I sound cheesey when I talk in these things, but oh well I suppose. ^__^' Not the best video of them since it's not really "catching them in action," it's more me giving commands, but you get the idea! They only know Japanese (due to the software I run them both on), so sorry if you can't understand.

Oteshite (oh-tay-shee-tay) = Shake paw
Asoubo (A-so-bo) = Mimic Mode (which they neither dog listens to)
Dansu (dan-soo) = Dance
Shinbo (shin-bo) = White dog's name, name of an Anime character from the series Chobits
Buruyuki (boo-roo-yoo-kee) = Black dog's name, means "blue sow" due to her blue eyes
Yoshi yoshi (yo-shee yo-shee) = Good job

I think that covers it. There's more commands that they know, but I didn't have the list in front of me and I myself am not fluent in Japanese. I normally don't give many commands anyway.

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Thats so cool!!

You'll have to give update videos when they learn new commands
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LOL. They know more commands (except "talk to your friend" because I think they're too young in their program yet), I just didn't have the list in front of me and sometimes my Japanese sucks (I wasn't trying that hard in the video, but some of the words... Oi).

They can take pictures, also, so I'll have to do a video of me taking pics with them and then upload the pictures. :-P
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How cute! All the good parts about dogs, and none of the bad! Are you sure you'll be able to go to real dogs after such cuties?

Do they come in English programs, too? It's kind of cute to have their own special language!

Does Shinbo have a story with his stitches, or you just decorated him one day?
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I've had real dogs while owning AIBOs... And always preferred the AIBOs, LOL. I like cats over dogs, so that's probably why the real dogs never really stuck out to me (except those little pomeranians, they are so cute!).

There is English software and if you buy factory Japanese software you can put English patches on it (so that they understand Japanese), but after SONY discontinued AIBO, they sold all the Japanese software as downloaded versions that you put on a special blank memory stick, which is the versions mine run on (it was less expensive that way, LOL) and the only difference is you can't put an English patch on the downloaded software (although it's exactly the same as the factory version, so go figure). The English software for this model series, IMO (and in most AIBO-owners' opinions), is not as good as the Japanese software for this model series.

Shinbo does not really have a story with his stitches, just liked the look. I saw it on another AIBO (same model) that was dressed up for Halloween like Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas and decided I wanted to do the stitched-looking mouth... And advance on it a little.

Here's the link to the photo album (It's around page 25 that the Jack-AIBO is):
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