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Sugar and Spice and electronics

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Here are a couple of pics I thought you all would like. What is it with electronics???? these were priceless.

Sugar looking at the monitor, and watching me on TCS

Watching TV

Hope you all like these.
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Awwww their just like my two, they love the t.v.
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Great photos! Such concentration!
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Great photos, they look as if they have settled in very well
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What team do they root for then?
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Those are great shots, maybe they would like to try Hockey
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not sure what team they like yet, but the sports they have seen so far is hockey and auto racing. they enjoy the tv, they are not interested in survivor.
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what cuties.. kitties and electronics such a mystery Although I think Stormie and Bella get jelous of TCS kitties because they always jump on the labtop and either turn it off or sit so I cant see the screen or type What hockey game is that by the way

But I just Sugar and Spice photos they are just a bunch of cuties
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great photos, I just love it when they look at something with so much seriousness, like if they take their eyes of it for a nano second, it will be funny
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the hockey scene was a highlight of the top 10 goals in the 90's playoffs. Was on the hockey network up here in canada. I could not resist taking that photo though, and everyone at work loves it, and the monitor one too, . Glad you guys like them.
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Mine love the radio and try to sit next to the subwoofers when AKON is playing. I hate it they love it lol
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Sugar wants to look at the other pretty kitties on TCS, too!

Smart kitties. I don't like Survivor, either.
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Look at your sweet girls
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Very very cute!!!
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Ever since I took the pic of sugar infront of the monitor, she has a thing for standing infront of it when I am on the puter, and blocking the screen. She will even chase the cursor around the screen
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